[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


@Mandelbrot tell him to see codex first .teach this newbie guy


It’s ok brother; just perfect affix if it’s ok to found with legal way this hard to know if this cheater or not, for everyone not only me ^^ and i get answers in the another post [REPORTS ONLY] about this ;
IT’S hard to see codex for every one have perfect affix with eternal iteams


I think you saw the replays in the another post [REPORTS ONLY] and i get the answer about this ; ^^


My first rare eternal is restless Strom with cyan MP on Hit…
I found it long time ago, even before I joined forum and update to 3.0


I just know that after the update 3.0 ;


All what you need is more experience…


I cant advance to another laegue because of this fukin players… with 10K power ang 20k hp how am i suppose to defeat them




Could you post some screenshots ? 10K POWER 20KHP seems not legit.


Sorry for the necro (prob not) but DAAAAAMMNN!! :joy: Thats the most honest phrase I’ve ever heard here from the tops! Take a bow sir!
almost 100% of players using some kind of cheat to be competitive. Even the pros. I pretty much doubt we all farm those sweet legendary with mouthwatering cyan stat gears, crystals, ms, blabla.
The only difference between the cheater and who arent is, the cheater knows no limit on how far they can go.


The Arena is definately not the place for your average dungeon crawler. Most people that are serious about competition. They use all the latest gear, with the fastest speeds possible.

I only compete against myself, nobody else. I don’t really use the arena much at all. Its like pitting a Fopwith Camel against an F16. I don’t expect to outclass anybody at that rate, and it don’t bother me none. I just like to see what they got.

I win a few, mostly I lose in the arena. But in the dungeon, I’m boss! I’m Mythic 3 all the way, Mostly only get killed when I’m interrupted, I have luck, fortune, and gold find like crazy. My current character, I call May Hemm. Cause thats what its like, crawling her through Mythic 3 dungeons.


damn, i forgot about the screenshot :disappointed::… but checked his profile its seems to have a full eternal items in gear and the weapon have a “zealotry” set, an “earthquake” mythic skill the legend affixes and i dont know how is that even possible… it was edited i think… it was way too overpowered that makes me want to quit… theres more of them, ill post them some time :slight_smile:


His stats says he is a cheater and will be banned soon.


You don’t have to learn anything, just play the game on a zillion core computer, and watch all the other PvP try to keep up!





momentum huh. Nice




Mind if u check this acc



Faun’s gift…??