[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


don’t blame the nickname then lol


I don’t blame the nickname, i blame the player


WTF!? 2 player have an avatar with the same name.


Its not even Edited or Perfect affix but you still report him? No wonder why players are now quitting DQ because of this false reporting thing.


you dumb cuzegspiked​:joy::joy: you are playing the game but dont you know the feats? well i’ll tell you why i have that kind of pet… first of all its already lvl100 and because of the FEATS that says after finding 3 pets your eqquiped pet will be buff… and oh by the affixes it have?? try asking the game hahahah theyre the one who give that affix… once i identify it thats the affixes that appeared… who’s a cheater that would edit the affix and get +20 summon?? dumb you hahahha i were a cheater i would probably choose the HP FLAT but then again im a legit one… and now look im in the banned league​:joy::joy: you happy now huh?


im here to clear my self… my colleagues told me i was reported for this… my eternal lilith… im not finding for fight or what so ever but accussing someone with that kind of proofs​:joy::joy: its kinda crazy… whats the basis for being reported?? having a eternal pet with not so complementing affix… im hoping for good things to happen… and i love you cuzeg… i love you down to earth​:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


tdaniel, you yourself knows that my eternal lilith wasnt edit or was exposed to something we called cheat… but then im in the banned league. May i ask why???:joy:


I vouch for this player that he is not a cheater. We are in one group. We are strongly against cheaters. I just want to know if i may , if players are banned even if its just under review and has not been proven a cheater yet. This poor kid is just lucky to get this pet. Hope his ban gets lifted.




I’m referring to kuyainsan. Just found out I’m on the banned legue now. In don’t care anymore though. This is what I get for playing the game honestly


This time @CuzegSpiked you where wrong. The @kuyaInsAN pet is legit. The element has been changed but no cheat needed for that. So @tdaniel he can’t be banned for something legal.


Its time to someone create a tread to confirm if its a cheater or hacker. How about this @tdaniel. This also stop the misunderstandings. I don’t mind creating it.


you are definitely right cuzeg… im easy to defeat but you didnt get it​:joy::joy: im a player too… my gameplay is very different to my AI… and yeah that wiz. is easy to kill, why?? its my experimental build because the bleed damage idea caught my attention and luckily my pet have bleed damage​:joy::joy::joy: well yeah im easy to defeat but i definitely defeat yours easily to… so should i doubt you??? i dont balance my build… focus on what i want is what i do​:joy::joy: hope you get it my loves​:heart_eyes:


Thanks for the support my co players… no matter what happen, but i was shock… i didnt know that this is the consequence of being a legit one… thank you😁


thanks for believing in me​:joy::joy::joy: i even dont know why im reported for something thats obviously wrong


You need to understand that its extremely frustrating to be lumped with cheaters when you are not. More be on the banned league for no reason. Edited mmr ? I just change my gears. You ban people on a heartbeat ?


I think the reason why they reported kuyainsan is becaused he got too famous for staying too long in the arena top 1…
A legit player doesn’t deserved to be imprisoned in ban league that’s a total bullshit!!


thanks for the support and for believing in me Mr. sic… i appreciate it a lot😁


yeah you were reported for cheating mmr when in fact you just change gears​:joy::joy: you used the farm gear and forget to change it to your pvp build… ive been there before… people act before they think… well most of them… justice to all legit​:grin:


Thanks sir… by the way im a filipino too and what cuzeg told was really stereoryping but one thing is in my mind… how could i contact steiger??