[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


Noob report. Tssssss👎


I don’t think so. Looking at the opponent damage and HP it’s a very good report. Thanks for sharing your unsupportive and poor opinion @Sachzna_Laparan


Maybe he change equip so that the stats is very low ?


Haha. I’ve said it earlier


dont report for a simple thing. I hate those reporters here for a non sense post/screenshot. Btw i dont mad .


Your funny. :joy::joy::joy:

I can post those things, I have the freedom to do so. Unless I’ve offended someone or put some images that can shame anyone.

What I post is basically for clarification purposes.


hey i didn’t know that you can use calcite on eternal :confused: But it also change the affixes??


Ok mate :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, that is, for instance “immolate” may become “toxic”.

If I don’t forget anything, on eternals only Beryl,
Citrine, Calcite and Jasper may be used (changing both element and class type for all affixes), plus Topaz on Mythical set after freeing affix slots by adding mythic affix.


yeah i agree i report some of this similar to this reports that no set but high in MMR in the top league past months ago :sunglasses:


Like i said. Maybe he/she change equip . I agree to your report. But i dont know why some small things on arena always report report and report. I can change my equip to clean and trash items then youll see im on top. Then you gonna report me like this . Wew! :sweat:


Ok thx for info


Would you then?

Your anxiety toward suspicion posts wasnt normal, dude. If u were legit, u shouldnt care bout most of thing that being posted here :wink: much less being afraid of reported.




How long have you been playing the game to not know that my low stats on pvp simply means that I just changed my gears? Don’t try to come out clean saying it’s for clarification purpose , your report is clearly malicious. Your trying to have me banned. Don’t discourage newbies dude. That’s not all me. I was on the number because someone is mentoring me. Don’t worry you’ll see me again above you when I’m not busy @PaNgaHazZz


Wait that post report disappeared… I don’t think he was trying to be malicious or anything. He just wanted to check his suspicions. He didn’t really know.


WTF!? The guy that have the “veneficus” still in play and still cheating. When he will be banned??


veneficus is a good nickname




yep if he didn’t cheat with VENEFICUS and with the other chars. He got a lot of reports of edited eternals.