[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers


I completely agree! I struggle to understand how a cheater can have fun with cheating, especially if it were for a year or two. Granted I haven’t seen many cheaters play for more than one or two years doing the cheats as many seem to quit early or something. Normally I imagine many get burned out or quit early because of cheats or actually cheating and making a game too easy for themselves and most of the time, that seems to be correct.
Legit player like myself and other invest hours and somehow have fun for a year or more and keep coming back in some cases. If i cheated, well i wouldn’t be here today or have joined forums since id have quit years ago (i joined in late 2015 or earlier). Thankfully i didn’t cheat and the games more enjoyable that way.

I miss them days when even 1 elixir or obsidian took months. Not that I would return to them but it shows perspective that DQ has come far so anybody can find something to enjoy. I remembered when making a build was a one time (or few times) investment if you wanted to spent a lot and you had to really plan, otherwise heavily punished in resources. Then various bugs that added something to complain about that are fixed but added something to the game in one way after being fixed or op skill nerfs to try using different alternatives.

I first played this game without any real expectation of something deep and I was new to the type of RPG DQ was. I didn’t realize the depth and potential until going to forums after a little bit of casual play. I haven’t seen that many mobile games that come close to this in my opinion, especially being this easy to run even on a 2012 device, granted some lags. I still enjoy DQ, even if I like PC gaming or other games. Playing on smartphone and tablet still something I would do thanks to that. Eternium is my close second and then I play emulator for games on mobile as well. Just as good a reason why I am excited for DQ2.


Thankyou idol scooty. Now break for battle arena some players are using their power 9999 just to win hahaha . and i dont want to waste my time in playing battle arena they dont give me challenge at all. They all bonus stage except your ai . only your ai giving me nervous to encounter sometimes lose sometimes win.
. the barrage / storm rogue and blood magic type are so easy kill then i found them in top 1 gaaad ahaha so mysterios happening hahaha .

And i dont wanna destroy some name here. So i decided to delete my evidences about you kiddo :joy:


I like this idea and I’ve already found it in other games. Although, it’s not 100% guaranteed anti-cheater, they just become less. But this put legit rooted phone players in check.


it took me a long time to get my first one too, I was somewhere between Perks 3_5 when I got it, and I held on to it because I was afraid I would get an affix I didn’t need on my gear. the funny thing was, I have been able to use all of the Crystal affixes I have rolled so far, even though I have retired some of the builds already, but not all of them were perfect rolls, so lot’s of Diamonds :sob: to get them there.
when cheats/hacks are all you have that makes the game good and fun, the good and fun eventually goes away because the game is too easy with cheats/hacks, and then gets boring. I think that is why the Cheat/Hack Arena isn’t empty, because the Cheaters/Hackers can fight it out to see who’s cheat/hack build is the best and can get to Eternal League, Division 1, Top Three.
when you are putting in the time to play, plan, test, craft, research, brain storm with other players, farm, and all the rest, there is that sense of accomplishment that gives you the desire to play more and more, and more fun too.


Ah, I remember those days

I gambled on my first obi crystal I found and went from there lol

Think it was on some low level gear that I didn’t know I could use Peridot and ended up converting into another crystal.

However, I’m now killing so many crystals trying to get what I need sigh

I only found out about no limit download when I reset my device, didn’t abuse it though


Hi tdaniel can you review my account. What was my issue of being banned? May I know the reason. Tnx IGN:Rimkay or email me I dont know how to dm I really love this game


I sent you a follow up email.


If you don’t like the affixs obsidian offers, at the menu where u choose one, just force close the game. U keep the obsidian and get a different pool if you try to use it again RNG can be a pain. :eyes:


The obsidian is consumed anyway if you use this glitch.


Is it? When I first started playing that method worked lol :frowning:


It works, but you won’t keep the obsidian this way


aww well that’s a bummer :frowning:


Yeah, that was fixed afterwards .


Hahaha mga bobo makakita lang eternal item report agad kahit hindi edited yung eternal


Kung ayaw nyo maka kalaban ng malakas wag kayo umakyat ng eternal div. Matalo lang kayo ng may eternal item irereport nyo na kagad. Ibig sabihin lang non pang bobo build nyo kaya di kayo makaakyat dun na lang kayo sa common league para lagi kayong panalo hahahaha :joy::joy::joy:


dont be so rude here.



What is the point of your posts? If I remember correctly, you posted the same thing recently or am I wrong?


I don’t use obsidian much. Just let them pile up in my stash


calystas sayin… i think you too.


no im not. you said * now who is rude here *