[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

I’ve already do it, almost a week and still no respond.

Hmm interesting. Just wait or dm @tdaniel .
Only them can answer what happened to your account man.

So where the dust came from my dear? Your such a lucky guy if you got it in just 10-15x of crafting . i hav one and never to try again coz i know how much dust i need to obtain one . i almost lose even my collection just to craft :slight_smile:

farming eternal convert to dust make x10 amulet . if you lucky youll get cyan resist. but it is hard to farm eternals if you new ingame.

Yes im newbie and proud. Master barrage :blush: i hope dq admin can monitored every account in div 1 and view registration history of each account . so no matter what a newly registered account cannot reach div 1

Make sense

i hope so.

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can devs tell me when i start upload my dq cloud? pls .

I don’t think it’s really hard to get one of these once you have already unlocked it on codex. You buy an entire bag of those, then dust useless ones and try again. Repeat until you get one, lmao. Farming dust also doesn’t take sooooooooooooo much time, you just need the right equips and effort.

Tip: Luck and Eternalized set affix / perk also helps while generating these.


O i see :grin: thankyou .
From now on i will report those using eternal amulet with cyan affix. Whats wrong for review? We dont know whats hidden behind . i just want a slot for every legit player ever since in eternal league.

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You’re free to do anything

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Thankyou po

This is odd i mean very very odd. Gob’s reporting their comrade’s (gob)…hahaha. Well i saw @As_ungot welcome back bro.!!! Where are the others like Abner

Why player report are they paid for that? Let the Devs do their job? Isnt there program that devs have that check if that players is cheating automatically? Or there nothing?

Players report other players because they are helping to keep the arena as fair as possible.

This has been discussed before, but to reiterate, since our game is almost all offline (the BA is the only part that requires you to have an internet connection) it is nearly impossible for us to monitor it.

We have some options on our end but those options would be very destructive to the current game flow (ie restricting gameplay to online only etc).

Since DQ has never required a connection to play, we don’t think requiring all of our players (some who don’t even play Battle Arena) to play over server because there are some players who cheat.


@tdainiel So there is no program that check players (cheater) regularly in BA?

There is a system in place but it is not as strict as it could be. We have avoided using that system as to not punish players who choose not to use our online features.

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I found out some players are hopeless in terms of building a new build in battle arena that will categorized as strongest build as of now only @Mr_Scooty (1 hit delete build)
And this is the alarming some players using win hack or power hack in arena just to maintain their position in the league .
Im so dissapointed on you now. I hope someday youll make a build that everyone will proud of .

Ps . sorry not sorry
From ur loving friend

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I understand your frustration @ZARAKI and I did not want to leave your post unanswered. I sincerely appreciate the compliment. You have the most powerful AI I have ever faced.

It is a shame players have to use win cheat to keep their position at the top or to give themselves billions in gold, crystals etc to make crafts for the battle arena and pretend they earned their inventories. For definitional purposes, win cheat is using game hacking tools like gamekiller, game guardian etc to win without putting in any effort. I have noticed this type of cheating more over the course of the past year. When I first started playing, it took me months to earn 1 obsidian - I kept that stone for a long time before using it…

I have been in over 20K arena matches, since the arena was released. I have earned every gold, dust, crystal and mythstone in my inventory. I have crafted my own builds and conducted my own tests / documentation and mathematical simulations. I have invested the time (~3,000 hrs game time), effort and energy to learn and understand the game (over the course of several years). I also have The victory knowing I did this on my own, without any cheating, just like yourself and the other 99% of players.

The developer has kept DQ as an offline game so it can be enjoyed on the airplane, beach, mountain, cave etc. A majority of players respect the developer for giving latitude to be off-line. I respect their decision and admire their stance to keep the game offline. They are not pay to play and have the best customer support i have seen in any game. While I am a moderator, I am also a player, just like yourself, and the other 99% legit players.

I am, however, ready for DQ2. When DQ2 is released, then everyone will be on even ground and not using win cheat from hacking tools. I do have a difficult time understanding what the player is gaining by using win cheat and not actually playing or understanding the game.


very well said mr scooty .

What if auto banned all players who log in the rooted phone, people rooted her/his phone for hacking or cheating the game, if we avoid rooted phone we avoid cheater and hacker also, can device detect all account log in the rooted phone?