[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

@Vhinz009 & @kiane_zaine concerning the Eternal Aether Spark Lance being discussed.

Jasper can be used to change an Eternal Wand to an Eternal Lance. :white_check_mark:
Myth Stone can be placed on an Eternal Item if it has an empty Socket. :white_check_mark:
Aethereal Drain Set taken off and replaced with Momentum Set. :x:
Legend Multi Attack taken off and replaced with Crystal Gold Find. :x:
Legend Glasscannon taken off and replaced with Epic WD%. :x:
Epic ED+ taken off and replaced with Epic WD+. :x:
Legend Push the Limit not changed. :white_check_mark:

if this was found after defeating a high level mob, then this would be a Bug and needs to be reported in the Bug Report Thread.

the only other option is that a Cheat or Hack was used to modify this item. all anyone has to do is to compare an Eternal item in the Codex to the list of Crystals I posted, to see if the Eternal Item has been legitimately Crafted or not.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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well, the Eternal Divination looks legit to me (all affixes match up with the Codex, and Crystal All Resist is possible on an Eternal Item), but I will concede that it is possible that the chances are low to get good affixes like that on the Eternal Shibe.

personally, the more I read the Report Cheaters & Hackers Thread, the less I like the idea of using any Eternal Item/Pet in Battle Arena.

I wonder if anyone has found a Legend Item that has been Hacked. I have seen Legend Pets reported with some funny Hacks. players are so focused on non legit Eternal items, non legit Legend items are never noticed. could you imagine a PVP Build with Defiant Set on all 6 items and Legend Affixes in all slots that can’t be rolled?

I wish I had seen a hacked legend myself.

Please look at the posted divination very well and compare it with any of @Mr_Scooty’s eternal divinations in the podium…

Now, if that does not convince you enough, toss in the most desirable pet for an immortal user

The guy knew exactly how to craft and he rolled his affixes in a manner that will not look obviously hacked but well…, @tdaniel has already worked on it. My suspicions no longer matter.

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to be honest, the Divination might have been hacked to be perfect values, but there are Eternal items people have used that have perfect values and no hack. but yes, they are rare, but I don’t think so rare that you never see them. it’s Eternal items with affixes they shouldn’t have that catch my attention.

the fact that @tdaniel hammered the player shows that it was a hack that didn’t have to happen. I could spend a bunch of Dust on 10 or 20 of those, or as many as needed to get a good looking Eternal, and picked the best one. that way no Dev looking over my shoulder shaking their head and saying, you got caught, loser!!!

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To be honest too, I know how hard it is to get banned because I got banned myself when I first got to top three in 2v2. I instantly panicked at the thought of losing all that hard-earned glory. A buddy probably suspected me because back then I did not join the forums and I did not broadcast it soon enough that I was coming for the top three.

That’s why I am very judicious when it comes to reporting.

Sure, anyone can try their luck dumping all their dusts for something better than what you usually see but the totality of the circumstances surrounding the reported ign is too much to be ignored. +6 torrent and the overly perfect pet.?

Come on.

On a side note, the ign I first reported is still jumping around the arena:


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I do not want legit players to be banned but please let’s keep the arena clean

+6 torrent and perfect roll :slight_smile:

torrent on wizard divination?

They are everywhere in 2v2. Please check these ones too.

Torrent at divination is normal, it can change to skulldraga if u jasper it to rogue class and back to wizard



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yes, when you look at the item in the Codex, it comes with Torrent on it. I believe it is because of the way Cerebral Vortex works, dropping a Torrent on an enemy that hits you. this can give a Wizard or Rogue a chance to get up to Torrent 40 like a Warrior, which is what makes it so powerful in Arena for any Class to use.

there are a number of Legend Items that have Skills of other Classes on them that you would not normally be able to roll to get.

and don’t forget, Eternal Items double affix values that are not Crystal affixes. so if it is possible to get +3 Skill in PVP, it is possible to get a +6 Skill on an Eternal Item in PVP.


If you bother to level up an eternal pet too 100 in game play you get perfect stats because the items quality is 50% and so you can get 6 to say a skill etc in PvP. If your character is level 99 and your eternal item is dropped at level 100 then you can get 6 to a talent or skill. Other affixes are variable. For example …

. Eventually the sera pet will level up perfect with buffs from killing enslavers and getting to level 100. Shame about the luck affix.


lol, the Unlucky Lucky Eternal Sera!!! :rofl:

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I’ve converted 6 eternal pets . I keep the other 8 trying to figure out how I use them. I keep about 30 legend pets for the same reason.

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may i ask what buffs you mean?
you mean that you just got the pet by an enslaver?

When you kill 3 enslavers you complete a feat and the reward is your pet stats get “buffed” (ln other words polished or slightly improved.). So if your pet is at maximum quality and level then all the percentage affixes slowly get maximised to the limit.

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I have to add that the pet buff feat is achieved by rescueing the pets of 3 enslavers kills. Doesn’t work if you don’t collect the pet. Also the feat will only buff pets equipped ( i.e. yours and your hireling.)

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the Pets Item Quality doesn’t improve, I always checked that out when I discovered how important IQ is for improving Items. I do believe that a Pets Item Quality does affect how well and how often affixes are buffed, so a Pet with low IQ might take longer than a Pet with a higher IQ.

on another note, Eternal Pets are all +50% IQ, just like other Eternal Items. even though I haven’t leveled up an Eternal Pet, I think the affixes might improve faster because of the +50% IQ.


It’s vital that you get to level 100 and max quality to maximize buff effects. Eternal pets are notoriously slow to level


Idk, but please check this guy. It is like he has 3000% reflect damage. I did more than 150k dmg and he was full life all the time…

That’s the problem if you
(barrage only) vs. opponent (reflect damage + sanctuary). You can overcome this.

Do you have a screenshot of your opponent’s items?