[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

If you’ve notice all testers character in PVP doesnt show the mythic attached to their gears. Those are new pets and vanities ^^

Wow cool new items

Im just give up on leaderboard lol

Anyone who has ??? Item kill me by 1 or 2 hit lol

@ABeo he’s not a cheater. when you see someone and the item says ??? that means they’re in Eternal League

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Please check, if this acc is cheater. He got a mythic on an eternal item.

Is this legit item? Can add cosmicorb. Then add topaz on it? Then use fluorite to reroll?
So curious about this. Please check. I see this on my last enemy on pvp now. @refia help. Thanks

i think not. based from the name of the weapon. i think steigers fortune is a mage weapon

Ohh. Yah I forgot that name. Sorry. So its not legit.

but if the name bugged and it came from a crafted fabled item. then it is legit

Hey! As darelleyesa said, it’s a name bugged Fable item. The naming bug should be fixed with the 2.1 update.

Thanks @refia

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Unless it’s a new 2.1 item and that’s a tester?

Look at leaderboard his #1 and i cant remember a tester whos ign is that.

ah already understood WHAT has happened, I had put bombard the bow more to build that I did not was good which is the LOKO build, then removed it with quartz and redid the afixx, it must have been that, I think and it got that name.

B4 you craft that bow whats the name of that bow

gallewind, i use quarts to remove afix, then put the bombard and went to test, but the build of chronos “LOKO BUILD” does not work well with it then removed the bow and put other afiix,

so it was named Astral shroud, sorry for my bad english

Ow sorry my fault it wont happen again :sweat_smile:

And is it even possible to get to that many points off of only 309 matches? (6000 pts just to get to Eternal League, plus he has 3526 pts to lead Eternal)