[Discussion Only] Cheaters & Hackers

Yes. But still, if you suspect someone (for example too high hp/power or too many eternal items), just report them here in the discussion topic.

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in eternal league you will pretty much fight against same folks to the point where you know exactly what to do to beat them and what their builds are and what their AIs do. Most importantly eternal players have knowledge about crafting gears. so if you are using hacked or modded items everyone will notice

About the pet, it seems legit. It’s probably the original Rage obtained before the patch that changed bloodmagic into mythic and replaced by inferno.


Correct. Rage has BM set before 2.0.

If someone could delete that report, that’ll be great. It would be a dick move to move legit players to cheater’s league.


Done :slight_smile:


i want to be a tester if you give me the tester and i will report lot of cheaters&hackers that i know im an dq eternal lair group

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Stick to the topic please :blush:

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Again, stick to the topic please.

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is this Edited?


Need Advice Before i will post in Cheater section.

obviously edited coz eternal nadroji will never have plagued :smiley:

Check this pls, his at #1 spot

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I have countless Eternal Items and not one has a Crystal Affix. Furthermore, when I try to apply a Crystal Affix to my Eternal items it says it cannot be applied. How is this possible?

Crystal affix on Eternal items is possible but very rare. On the other hand, the player’s items are clearly hacked/modded (Nadroji items w/ different set affix).


So that guy is cheating, correct?



Thanks. Now I know what to look for, kinda.

edited eternal item

Hello i just found a amazing player can you explain why he got those items?
Is he a beta player at 2.1?