Dmg negation/reduction in arena

What type of stats are you looking for for taking less dmg? Resist seems useless? Is it any good having crystal or legendary Armor affix? Or just mass HP with defiant, equivalence etc?

What type of reduction works vs what type of dmg? Does Armor work vs special skills such as meteor?

Deadly strike + deadly arts
Dodge + pathfinder
Those are sample affixes that cann reduce damage taken, and I think theres more,

Is it ever worth using a crystal Armor affix in arena? Seems base Armor is super low and that an Armor affix together with 75% Armor from plagued would probably triple ones Armor value(not sure if this reduces dmg alot though?)

Basically I want to know if it has any value, or better go with other crystal/2000hp affix for survival.

Bump. This would be helpful if light was shared on the damage reducing stats. I break down like the recent Dps one would be lovely.

I know this isn’t as extensive as what you’re asking for, but @moxyll somewhat explained it. The Question Thread