Dodge or Block

So I wanna make more builds for other classes, and I wanna come up with a build for Wizards, but I don’t know how to make Wizards unkillable in PvE. I know that Rouge get 100% dodge with Crystal affix dodge and 40 stealth with some RCD for perm stealth and Warrior can get 100% block with Crystal affix block (don’t know if this have been changed in the latest patches since I haven’t played Warrior that much) but for Wizards I don’t know how to get 100% dodge and block since I need 40 stealth and RCD for perm stealth and I need the talent from a Warrior to get 100% block. I would like to know how I can make a Wizard unkillable in PvE because I really wanna make a Wizard build, and I have a Warrior build in mind.

Rouges can still die with a Perma-Stealth Build, just not very often. it’s all about timing.

Warriors can still die with a +100% Block Build, just not very often. it’s all about Bulwark activating when you need it.

Wizards could do a +75% Block & +75% Dodge using Epiphany Set (5) with Sanctuary Mythic. after all that, using Crowd Control and/or Movement of some kind to keep from getting hit. this is the best that can be done for Wizards. or make a huge damage build to kill the monsters before they kill you… in my early days, I used +60% Dodge, +45% Block, Sanctuary, and Teleport to stay alive. I kind of want to go back to Teleport as part of my defense for staying alive & mobility. you could use Continuity 20 Talent to slow enemies movement and attack speed while in Timewarp AoE, or Continuity 40 to basically freeze them while in the Timewarp AoE (I’ve done this for testing, and it’s fun to move around enemies and hit them while they are facing the wrong way…).

here’s a couple of posts about the Perma Stealth & +100% Block.

imo the real answer is both and also neither, with one +45% block from Indra’s boon chestplate, +15% block on the OH and a shield equiped for another +10% block… warrior can easily get 70% block

and with dodge…
10% on pet,
10% from heroic,
10% from base,
9% from item natures (beryl crystal)
and 30% from a crystal affix…
you can somewhat easily get 69% dodge too

need Epiphany for both scenarios, but that pairs well with maxing your Luck% and Item Drop%

but that works out to… 0.3*0.31= 9.3% chance to be hit