Rogue build with ricochet, whirling blades, permastealth and crushing flames

Alright ladies and gents its time for another rogue build!! Today we are going to be using permanent stealth along with crushing flames for maximum survival and maximum damage! This is an ascending build, so don’t use it for farming.

What we are going to need:


6 crushing flames:
obviously. no explanation needed

5 Demonic:
stacks with relentless talent for extra damage when enemies health goes below 25% hp

5 Epiphany:
Needed to hit max amount of cool-down reduction for stealth, 75% attack speed for ricochet and increase elemental critical cap.

5 inferno:
helps stack more immolation damage and increases speed of immolation damage

5 pathfinder:
very important, because we are using 100% dodge, this is going to be our main source of BASE damage.

5 Angelic: used to get the maximum APS out of Ricochet.


75% cooldown reduction:
when combined with stealth at 40 we can achieve perma-stealth so that we will never die.

50% dodge:
when using stealth you will have 100% dodge. very broken

67% immolate: when using coatweapon this will get you to about 100% elemental critical

85% blistering:
normally using crushing flames you would want more, but the extreme APS of ricochet combined with bleed ticks will be more than enough to kill elites.

4 multi attack and 4 extra attack:
more bullets!!!

Any amount of crushing blow: because we are using crushing flames

+10 all skills: good because you are going to be using all 4 skills

+5 all talents and +5 all assassin talents:
will get into this later.

+45% glasscannon:
we aren’t concerned about health, so this is a good base damage modifier.

Lets talk about talents

mutilate: +45% damage to extra and multi attacks. This allows us to increase the base damage of ricochet substantially. each additional bullet will add to the hit frequency of crushing flames.

Veil: increased dodge and coatweapon duration while stealthed. Very important, because you wanna have coatweapon up at all times to increase crit and elemental crit. Because we aren’t using any normal crit chance or crit damage, this will allow us to compensate for it. the added movement speed will stack with stealth.

Relentless: this is the true secret of the build. When combined with demonic, if the enemy is down to its last 10% hp, its going to take almost 175% more damage. This will make sure it won’t regenerate health faster than you can kill it.

Blindside: whirling blades is mostly used for killing lots of trash mob in pack size maps, it also procs bleed. good when you have 20 furies spawning on you at one time.

Razored: bleed is great in this build, it will trigger crushing flames damage.

Heroic points:

40 ricochet

30 coatweapon

20 whirling blades

40 stealth

20 dexterity( extremely important)


Pistol: nothing too complex. need the extra attack and all skills along with +5000 and + 100% weapon damage.

Vial of blood:
Extremely important for the +damage to elites and +resource cost reduction. We need the socket for the other +5 all skills, the hp boosts don’t matter

Disaster carapace: we need the crystal mp regen to pair with the RCR from vial of blood. since we are going to be rotating all skills, we don’t want to ever run out of mp.

Eternal Apex of Epiphany: my favorite piece of gear in the game, every slot is helpful, as is the bonus for the base damage increase

Loop of epiphany: always a good starting point to craft for when you need elemental crit damage, we need sockets for multi attack and all sets, having +10 veil helps for coatweapon and dodge.

Amulet: can really be anything, need the crystal attack speed so we only have to use 3 slots to achieve the bonus from the apex of epiphany.

Angelic pet:

adds more elemental crit, bleed, crushing blow and attack speed.

Basic Strategy:

Always have coatweapon and stealth on, you’ll be suprised at how much movement speed you will gain. On pack size maps, whirlingblades will wipe almost all trash instantly, while ricochet will tear elite enemies to shreds.

im using this on map 1325, and it has had no issues taking down mythics.

Thank you for reading



Thanks for sharing your build @Hida77.

Great discussion of the details as well :+1:

thank you for sharing dude

great build. might want to change Ascending Build to Climbing Build. Ascending Builds usually refer to Builds with Experience boosts to get the Perks and Climbing Builds usually refer to Builds that climb ridiculously high floors.

Ricochet good for distant enemies, and Whirling Blades for anything daring to get too close for comfort!

haha, don’t say 100% Dodge with Stealth is broken! it might get nerfed! :wink:

keep climbing! my Crushing Flames Climbing Build is over floor 1300 M3 now, but have taken time off for Farming. my Climbing Build is basically the same one I have been using since floor 800ish. I need to replace one of the items, because I took off the 100% ED for some reason, and I think I could use it now against these pesky higher floor monsters that don’t want to die for some reason.


Undying zombie monsters :joy: Top tip @Golem is just close the map and save yourself an headache :face_with_head_bandage::face_with_thermometer::sob::sunglasses:

Zombies are only bad for some Builds, like Skullshield or certain Skills with MA/EAC that have an enemy seeking component, like Barrage or Blinkstrike.

if my Build has fast mobility, I can get away from the Zombies I created until I make more somewhere else.

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