Dont know how you all do it

Firstly, i love this game, and just cause i get destroyed doesnt mean im about to turn tail. But…

I get one shot on f500 EASY difficulty with 50k hp, let alone how the hellz i can see doing f1000 m3 to unlock some of these item drops etc…

Having said that, f500 easy, and f200m3 is bout my limits.

Then i hear people talkin f2000+ m3… Wat da 0.o

Lol. Guess i just need to get good huh. :confused:

All you need is a block + dodge + crushing blow build, cause HP is more expensive than evasion on higher floors and your common damage output won’t kill easy enemies.

Crushing Blow is needed for damage, because enemies at these floor have billions of HP and you notice it will cost a lot of slots to make such damage by common means.

Evasion, cause you can have 50m HP on PVE, but your damage will be pretty weak.

Here are some statistics about evasion:
60% Dodge + 45% Block = 78% Evasion ~= 1 of 5 hits may hit you
60% Dodge + 60% Block = 84% Evasion ~= 1 of 6 hits may hit you
75% Dodge + 75% Block ~= 94% Evasion ~= 1 of 16 hits may hit you

The former is best option, but it usually costs 4 Crystal Affixes (2 Dodge + 2 Block) + Epiphany (5). Since no HP set you will give you such average survability, you definitely may think about it.



Im going to assume building this way leaves you low on hp, and no concern of health when collecting / crafting gear?

Your HP can even be 1 (100% glasscannon), but it doesn’t really matter because you’re evading (0 damage upon you). Ah, I also recommend using sanctuary mythic to make your surviving time longer.


Hmm. K, cool. Thanks for info. Time to learn some more. :slight_smile:

Yup. Well said. Rebuilt my farm build for this reason too because I could.

So, i guess only couple more things are unclear to me…

What pieces of gear can have block , dodge rolled to them?

Offhand can have block but no other pieces can get block rolled onto them using Obsidian crystal. If you want block on say a ring, a hammer, a chestplate, you have to find a legend that has it. It isn’t limited to warrior class despite the old claim that you needed to Jasper offhand to warrior for Block when in fact you don’t really. I think you could potentially get block on a pet affix roll too but I am not sure.

As for dodge, it’s very flexible and can be added on all gear . Even dexterity 20 gives an extra 10% dodge and you have 10% base dodge do you already get 20% dodge before you add crystal affix. With crystal affix, you can have 50% dodge which is helpful.

On some builds, both helps. On other builds, you either have one of the other. Warrior does benefit from block mainly because of the bulwark talent which can add 10% block for 5 seconds and keep adding but warrior with high dodge also helps or both.

Rogue benefits from power stat 99 which already gives almost 30% dodge on its own which is a huge head start along with the dexterity affix but I haven’t seen them having 10% base dodge. You also need 50% dodge on rogue for stealth as well to function at 100% dodge aka dodge everything. Every class can use the 50% dodge 100% dodging stealth but rogue can extend the hero points of stealth easier without relying on pet or 5+ All Skills.

You can’t really go wrong with either dodge or block or even both . It just depends on if you have the crystal affixes for it and other slots. It’s vastly better than adding HP and damage reduction though since you can’t have 100% damage Reduction even in PvE and reduce enemy damage to 0 and it takes too many slots for HP and damage Reduction.

Back when bloodmagic and MP absorb was OP which was many many years ago, it was easy to have huge HP and leech made it so you could be untouchable as well as MP Absorb but those days are long gone so dodge and block are the main uses for high floor climbing.


Sweet man. Nice info.

I dont suppose i could get your advise on best weapon affixes. Or is that too subjective pending on other gear, purpose, etc.

I just want to squash f500 m3 and farm it efficiently. But im partial to ww and sprint. Like fast movement.

Best weapon affixes? 200% WD is very helpful in buffing your base damage of your weapon by ×3 before it gets multiplied by ED%. 300% ED is generally the sweet spot but you can go 200% sometimes. Might talent on warrior helps too.

Lance is a good base damage to move speed weapon and it has the charge affix which when you have reduced cooldown, you can spam charge but KnightsCharge is not affected that much so it’s not too good but it’s only 2nd best base damage of the warrior. Hammer is another good one in giving the most base damage as a weapon to special skills just like Lance.

Obviously there is the Jasper crystal too. If you use Eternals, it’s obviously a different story. Also axe now have one of the worst base damage too when Lance has high base damage. For rogue, chakram has the highest base damage . Wizard gauntlet has the highest base damage.

For example , my wizard has 10400 base damage on gauntlet as the highest. With 200% WD, 10400×(1+200%)= 31200 . 31200×(1+300% ED)= 124800 base damage before it gets multiplied by MH or OH weapons. This DPS formula calculation applied in the situation that I didn’t add my 103 power or 99 power.

As far as offhand goes, shield has the best base damage for warrior and for other classes, hard choices . Main reason you’d choose an offhand is usually the primary skill rather than base damage though unless you use a Cerebral Vortex build aka CV in battle arena for example.

Hmm, ok. Im still a little confused.

200% weapon damage is only obtainable on an eternal?

And i briefly was introduced to ed in another thread, but as far as i could tell was also not craftable via legend affix, but only epic.

Agghh im so lost. Well, i will poke and prod some more. Thanks guys.

You can get 200% WD% (legend) on some weapons (Masochism’s Edge is the best I remember), it also becomes 400% on eternal.

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Yup but 200% WD legend affix isn’t craftable. However 100% WD epic affix is craftable. On Eternals, every affix are doubled from the original .

Yeah, there are something that are obvious for us, but not for someone else less experienced, so it is always good to remember.

I agree. I was a big noob once as well. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be as knowledgeable as today. Also I would have quit long ago as well since I actually thought I finished even though I was nowhere near.

That mean ur damage reduction % are low,u should get dodge or block rather than HP.
I’m playing a Wiz,at f530 m3 with manashield mob hit about 10k/hit and I have 200k Mp,so it pretty ez since most mobs got one hit by reflect damage :slight_smile:

Well, thanks everyone. Got a little insight into a few things, still confused bout much, but…

After applying just a mere 50% block and dodge… im noticing a difference. Ty.


So, just to clarify one last time. You mentioned off hand being only suitable piece to get obsidian block. But also, no piece can roll block, even for eg, an epic affix block?

But some pieces such as revenge helm do drop with these affixes.?

And lastly, why if block dodge 75%, im capped at 60?

A Legend item have a chance to become Crystal Legend via drop/craft.
Dodge/Block cap is 60,u can increase it by equip Epiphany Set affix.

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Yeah that’s on Obsidian crystal but on legends that can be Dropped, you can find block on helmet , chestplate, hammer, etc.

You can get epic block filled by Topaz on the offhand and crystal block filled by obsidian on the offhand weapons but no other gear can have block by crystals; you have to find them from drops or craft dust to make Revenge Helmet with a chance of becoming crystal legend , Indra’s Boon, etc.

Dodge and block cap is default 60% but if you use Epiphany, they become 75% . How?

60%×1.25 (aka 25% Increase) = 75% .

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