[DQ 2.0] Blightbog Saboteur (Bow) Floor 1394 Mythic 3


like i said ppl know. haha even if it bug, where the gold coming from to convert map to that floor as he said he convert ALOT, (for player just play for 11Day lol) also he said he not focus on farming crystal intead he convert legend, eternal to get high end crystal for craft blightbog set (another alot gold required lol). He said blightbog arent hard to build. if u ever seen me post picture about getting 2 elixer and i said it miracle.? its a first time for me getting 2 elixer in 1 map after 4 month play and 8-10hour per day play even if it drop, it is very very rare happen. So got 3 elixer in 11days.? or even if he said he buy from vendor gambling (again another gold needed) So he can say he buy Gold via IAP, he is 15years old (when i check on his profiles) and he from indonesia, I live in malaysia and i know the currency between ringgit, rupiah and US dollar, even me barely buy 2 slot for more toon and @TeaCup help buy another 3 hero slot and extra stach for me lol, i cant unlock that for sure if no one help me with that, and it weird i can’t see his profile anymore haha… block me from looking in his profile i guess lol.


Edit: I can see his profile now, idk what happen before lol. sorry for mistake about that.


Also cronos, now i have it sorted, i could get the auto map reveal if it would help you much at all?
I know it helps me a lot if i just wanna finish the dungeon quickly


Well i have a build, me and cronos played around with and its not even that expensive and im still having trouble saving up for it but i think after reading all of this thread my crystal production rate should speed up a little now :innocent:

Just as an add on to what refia said, why do people hack on an account that they have spent time and money into it just sounds like waste towards both parties, but mostly towards the player :sweat_smile:


nahh that okay buddy u help me alot already , 5k gold for reveal per map aren’t expensive.


Now back to topic. Cleaned here up. If anyone wants to continuous about this “to be or not to be a hacker” discussion. Please start a new topic.

Addition: Every hacker will get flagged sooner or later. It doesn’t matter how much money you have spent for DQ. De facto you have hacked.


@ocenyx Thanks for sharing this build! I have three questions though:

  1. Minor question – what Natures are on your items?

  2. I read your response earlier about how you Jaspered a warrior item to create your Insolence mirror with Poison Dmg % (not craftable through Ruby). How did you get it on your body armor then?

  3. I know Vacuus Scipio comes with Weapon Dmg % affix, but then you have a crystal affix AND Momentum on it. I’m wondering how you did that one too. (My only guess is this: Take a standard Vacuus Scipio and Kyanite everything off except Weapon Dmg % affix, then Jasper it to a warrior hammer, add Momentum, then Jasper back to rogue bow, and then use Obsidian for the crystal affix?)


Re: (2), he said it was with a Nadroji Robe.


A mix between haste and death, just filling out the caps

All nadroji chestpieces of any class have those by default.



Regarding the Vacuus, does that just require luck with getting the right crystal affix when applying the obsidian, and then if you have bad luck using quartz, and praying you don’t lose the weapon damage in the process?


You can’t quartz to remove crystal affixes without removing everything else in the process, since quartz deletes from bottom to top. Crystal affixes are almost always topmost


Always bottom to top? I did not know that! So how does Cronos’s Fortune Bringer have a Nadroji Ring with Faun’s Gifts and the innate +2 Set Numbers?


Kyanite lets you choose which to delete but you can’t remove Blue/Purple affixes with it.


Oh, it works on Sets? I assumed it just worked on Legend/Epic/Normal. You learn something new every day. Thanks!


Yes, it even works on sets


Is there a reason you used the Obsidian after adding Momentum and using two Jaspers? And, so, if you got the wrong affix, would you just have to start over with a new Vacuus?


Crafting generally starts with Obsidian, so if the cyan affix added is a dud, we will need a new Vacuus to play with


If you got nothing left good to choose when using obsidian and dont to waste the slot, just abort adding the affix by going to settings look for the DQ app and FORCE STOP the app. By that, you wont need another vaccus. :wink:

@ocenyx is Mutiny bow better than vaccus for this build?


Mutiny is better than Vacuus in a sense that ED% boosts ambush traps as well, while WD% is only good for the bow.


What if I dont use Ambush? I used Deadeye btw, planning to max it and change skilled leather to brutal. Is this a good idea? I previously used Vaccus but switched to Mutiny because IIRC,I once saw someone here mention that you better switch to Mutiny. Before my bow is Vaccus with adventurer affix and Insolence with defiant OH. Now using Mutiny bow but deleted the defiant affix on the Insolence trying to change it to adventurer but still fail to get the adventurer affix with 2 amethysts. I dont know if i made a good decision. T_T