Now I know. I’m gonna experiment with sprint taunt meteor build.


I wonder how hard it would be to get all 17 procs in one build, with maelstrom, mayhem, defiant, momentum, adventurer, reactor (for orb procs!), and maybe Identity? Or zealotry with a hammer and shield.


Over proc just 2 - 3 is fine. It will lag your phone…


another thing that could improve this build is maybe use fury mythic, since most of the procs are special attacks. it could probably just replace desperation entirely since fury makes your primary attacks basically free to cast. i’m not sure it would work though, it would depend on how much you can spam coatweapon before you have to cast stealth again.


@ilidan371, If you replace desperation entirely since fury, you don’t have the mana for spells. I tried to replace desperation entirely energy and was very bad)


How about adding Bleed to it? Since you were relying on the poison damage, why not add some bleed so that you won’t cast always. Im about to take the Blightbog Saboteur by @ocenyx with some proc skills such as mayhem and maelstrom. Just a thought though but im still far away from that. Just got some pestilence and i might do some adjustments to it. :smile:


I wish i have an eternal pet like that = ( Fits exactly to the build.


Me too, maybe Eternal Tink cause of the Druidic or the one pet with CosmicOrb. :frowning:


@f00kee, I agree, but I wish instead of 2000 MP regen was a 30 crashing blow


I have a “VERY” similar build you have but with Identity set affix.


Added to build compendium.


with 1 HP , how can you survive in PVP ?


title says pve build


good build.
but for which reason are there 2x 3000 HP reg on the items?


Great job


For HP Regen :+1:


to increase the poison damage.
Druidic: Increases HP and MP Regenby 10% per rank. Adds 75% of your Total Regen (HP and MP) to Poison’s DoT DMG, per rank


Hey just asking to justin thomas or @CuzegSpiked does defiant works with one HP i mean that does the 25% reduced damage and 25%+damage works with one HP only?


To be honest I have no idea because I haven’t tried it and I think not because you can’t reduce Hp when you only have 1. Can’t have 0.25 Hp or 0.5 Hp.


it works for me. you would notice it with the increase in damage. but for reduce damage. definitely not