Thanks for this! I’m going to try to incorporate some of these build aspects into my rogue’s KnightCharge build :smiley:


I have some questions if you don’t mind.
1.How did you get that Defiant Chakram? Did you use Amythest for that?
2.How did you get such perfect affixes? I’ve been wasting alot of Rubies and Obsidians. But I can’t get the affixes I want. Is it random?
3.I tried to remove the affix from Obsidian but it can’t be removed. Is it permanent affix? So it means that you are doing trial and errors for that? Or you Diamonds to reroll the affixes?

Please do answer my questions if you don’t mind. I’m so frustrated to my Chakram Rogue Build. The damage sucks. I’m always dying in the dungeon. Noob here haha :joy:

  1. You get Defiant Chakram from drop. If rogue don’t have chakram on drop list then it’s converted using Jasper from another class Defiant main hand.
  2. You get better/perfect affixes if your item has max quality (25% quality).
  3. You can’t remove the Crystal Affix other than with the crystal that removes random amount of affixes from bottom to top.


But I tried the random remove one time and it became normal. It’s too risky. So before putting Rubies or Obsidians… I must have 25% quality equipments,right? But it’s the same… All procs options everytime. I think I’m so unlucky :joy:


Yes removing like that is risky but that’s the only option :pensive:

Wish you luck! :four_leaf_clover:


Haha I tried to become a Flintlock Rogue…deym 15.5k damage maximum? Deym I’m so powerful haha :joy:


Good build!
Why not use knightscharge to trigger taunt or poison cloud


I finally looted eternal cataclysm ring. Thank you for this kind of build. Diffinitely I will try/improve this build. :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me if there’s any updated version of this build? From what i see some of the affixes in this build is outdated (if i’m not mistaken), I’d like to see an updated or improved version of this build… thanks in advance guys!


Hello im newbie here i just wanna ask do you get 3000MP regen because im always get max at 1500MP Regen using obisidian
Thx Before
Sorry for bad english


it’s been nerfed, and you are seeing the correct value. It’s now 1500 MP regen using obsidian


Uploading… can i use this? instead of ring?


Image hasn’t uploaded. Make sure to upload again and wait for 100%. It sucks if you have bad internet as I had that problem a few times.


Mine sure does get laggy with all the mayhem. I do Mythic 3 dungeon crawling, and every now and then I have to sit in a corner of the dungeon to wait for the CPU to quiet (cool) down. But I’m betting that depends on what handheld you might be using. My current crawling device is an older LG single core, android 4.4.2, 1 gig of ram.

Its small size is easy to wrap my hands around.


Upgrade your arsenal with a Crystal. My “Lucky Pistols” do 15.5k at lvl 75, with stats rerolled. If you build a set from scratch, and forget the legend artifacts, Im sure it can get much higher. But then few weapons have the rof of the flintlocks.


No wonder.


Imagine this with crushing flames O.o