DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed ft. cronos4321

To My King Cronos. :dolls:

With the Help of @cronos4321 I ended with this…

Floor 2108 M3 Pack Size 77%

Let the photos do the talking. If anyone doubt, I just want to say King Cronos help me to build this one.




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Nice ending. :slight_smile: Love to see those damage. haha…

that dmg nice

thanks for sharing the build with us. keep in that way bro :+1::+1:

Floor 2088 M3 88%

I hope this is not the Max DMG. And still I didnt go to Pack Size 150%. Im afraid of Ultimate Lags. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


I can’t do it Perfectly without your help King @cronos4321 :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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what if u switch element affix to rage affix for max cdmg @marwinberna (though additional skill proc after skill can be good) since ur skills are spammable(critdmg also pump ur bleed dmg)i tried zealous talent on 100%GLasscannon is seems not workin. no dmg/ms inc.

@roykiyoy Zealous doesnt seen in Character Stats. I use Elements rather than other Set Affix because of twice skill spam with no additional Mana Consumptions. :blush:

For example I use Toss then Elements trigger, I spam Toss again and when Time Warp Spams also and Elements Triggers, I already have 2 Time Warps that I can now have large AOE for the effect of Time Warp.

ya i know how element works. i guess depends on personal preference. indeed casting another spel w/o consumption is good in ur build. @marwinberna

about zealous didnt know it work like that. since i tried usinh it w/o glasscanon der was a change in dmg stat whenever i use it and not use it.

I can get arcane, ascendent, elements set via amethyst or i need to farm ? Exclusive set for all class ?

@SilentKiller arcanist and ascendant are rollable via amethys (all class) element are not rollable u need to farm them.

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Thanks bro

@marwinberna @cronos4321 just for dmg display lol 148m - … (the nxt numbers dont even display lol even the letter M) though despite the fact that a very high dmg display in stat i still cant feel the huge dmg coming from it. and inorder to reach dis kind of number u needed to stack freakin tons of mobs lol. (i think this build just suits floor hiking u just stack mobs and dont kill them just stack arcane debuff for inc dmg then kill carto)


Damn i cant farm floor +1000 m3 anymore. My dps Rouge cant kill because bullets just passing creeps :grimacing::grimacing::cry::cry:

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you can put pictures of your character @roykiyoy

@Aniel i use bow rogue in that stat. all affixes are thesame w/ marwin build except it use rage affix instead of element affix. and uses only 50% pushlimit no barbarian and use energymythic. (dmg i great though i still prefer pure ice build w/ frozen)

Sir, can i see ur frozen equips? I have ice build too (patch2.1) and i can only get to .5b max dps.

@judx dmg is also base on how high floor u open. try finding Iceberg bow build in gameplay i posted der my bowfrozen build in 2.1 and still usin it till now 2.3

My build afterma bombar meteor…
Map 1995 65%…no shirne :+1: