DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed ft. cronos4321


Really cool build. Arcanist ftw yet again. Shock multiplier build come out too and such high bleed. Imagine how far this build could possibly go and the highest power number…

Edit: I suspected @cronos4321 was helping you a little bit in some way before you posted and now I know. Still a cool build to come into existence and really well done for it :blush:.


Hi Boss @roykiyoy. Please help me how to increase the Damage Per Hit on my Main Hand Weapon. Its a Chakram. I just want a million value at least 10M. I’m stuck at 350k.


@Mey.Rin it would be too long if i xplain everything i suggest u read some guides first so that ul understand how to make a decent build than can even hit billions or more. der are tons of good build here in forum just apply them to ur chakram build.(der are also some good chakram pve build here in forum).

go in gameplay page find mayhem project thread and universal pull thread dey are both good chakram builds


Hi @marwinberna.
I came across the proc world. :smiley:
Since Toss and Scalp are your main damage dealers, you think it’s better to replace your ElemCrit Affix and your +CC% crystal affix into two Coat Weapon proc? both will now be +50% instead of +30% E.Crit and +45% CC.


Think this would work for the build?


Thanks Boss @roykiyoy. I will. :smile:


@roykiyoy pre pano mag post sa forum ??


God the crazy grin from floor 651 to 1000 just to farm for element gear…


Share your build :laughing::laughing:



Can I know what is the natures of this items?


@Raplayer Nature was set to Elements pardon for late reply :slight_smile:


How much is the damage of these items?


It depends on which floor you are…

500 to 700 floor - 500B up.

701 to 1500 floor - 1500.00B

1501 to 2000 + floors - Oh come on. You will see 7392629482.739293 flying numbers popping numbers I means xD


Ooohhh good very nice , i am floor 1400 m3


Wich better 100% elemental damage. Or +5000 element damage?


100% elemental damage is better +5000 elemental damage is mostly useless outside of PvP :smile:


Wow this is so cool think I need to do a bit off farming to make this build :smiley:


Amazing hopefully id be able to build one with 300M dps hahahah


Some of the affix had been change due to 3.0 patch. Pet Affix changed, put some new legend affixes for fast ripping and changed element shock to Frozen tahahaah