DQ 2.3 Elemental Shock Bleed ft. cronos4321


Shock to Frozen ? Why not Electrocution and Frozen ? Electrocution is powerful now than ever due to each shock effect stacks an enemy and if with Frozen i think popping no. will increase.


Like you will hit the Quadrillion DMG always or maybe sometimes but twice.


I change this build to Rogue Type. I use Frozen because of my Rogue always want to jump jump jump anywhere and then boom boom. Electrocution needs to be stacked before becoming Deadly Weapon while Frozen just need to Leap and Boomerang + Whirling Blades = Hyper Hireling :blush:


Yeah that’s what I was thinking . Although I haven’t put it to action. Just like stack Debuff, Electrocution and Frozen would multiply alot per frozen Explosions as you say.

Yes Electrocution does need stacking but stacking is super easy with cosmic orb/ high hit frequency skill. Even a hirling to do it for you whilst you wear Electrocution and Freeze enemies for Explosions and boom boom.
Stack Debuff and frozen is already extremely powerful since it multiplied per enemies.

Now try Electrocution + Poison. Stack Debuff and Poison cloud is already extremely good but with Electrocution, probably even more so.

Poison cloud and plagued multiplies per enemy and if all enemies also happen to have Stack Debuff, it’s a lot of multiplying. Also quite good for Plagued+Frozen since the plagued buffs the already buffed toxic cloud buffed by Bought and then finally by Frostbiting and cause explosions.

Although poison and High Voltage is also deadly and similar case with Fire+ shock,. Ice +shock can be a thing too but more so with stack Debuff rather than high voltage % . Shock in itself is ok too but with bleed better.


I will add on your comment @CuzegSpiked. As you said about the duo combos (ex. Shock+Poison) this 3.0 Patch is the “ERA” of dual Elements due to Shocks and Fire becomes too powerful like Ice and Poison.


Yup. Definitely.


I have a new build of Wizard Disc Reactor with Electrocution and Bleed, Electrocution do deal a very High DMG that highest ive ever seen is about 50B per second only whem the enemy is 25% HP and it is really great for Frozen ( Electrocution deals like Billions of Damage and what if i have Frozen? Maybe it deals Quadrillions of dmg when it explodes)




Hey @Cuzeg about my new build, How to apply freeze on enemies when im in a Shock element? :confused:


Without an ascendent on it ?


Use Elements Set Affix.


Offhand or something dealing shock Debuff or so and Mainhand deal frozen with just 100% High Voltage and 200% Frostbiting on the main character on solo mode.

Also hirling deals shock damage and the main character use frozen if you want to go to that route. Main character still wear Electrocution but hirling make Electrocution activate well.


Hi, is good foto you shock/ Poison?


Hi there this are the combination can be used also in this Set Build.

Shock (Electrocution) + Fire (Crushing Flames)
Poison (Plagued) + Ice (Frozen)

Just ask if you want guides.


Can you post a guide for shock/fire and frozen/Poisson? I come Back To play yesterday and im confuSed.


My Main char is warrior


Hmmmm. I can’t post some guides as is. But just change some Set Affix on this Set Build (this post).

Fire/Shock - Good for 1000 to 1700 Floor M3.

Crushing Flames
Cosmic Power

Poison/Frozen - For hiking till 10k Floor M3

Cosmic Power.


Change OH Special Skill to Taunt (Shock Element if Fire/Shock Build or Poison Element if Poison Frozen Build)


Thanks man, i Can use frozen/Poison with my warrior, i use roque hiriling, i make Him frozen?
-Bonus i use the sa me of your build?


Yes yes same of my build just change some set affixes then add plagued and frozen set affixes… it can be used on every character but I bet to use Rogue for 2k+ floors…