Dq acount creation

Ive been playing DQ for 3 months now and decided to buy a better phone for better playing experience, but somehow every time i try to click the confirmation link in my email account it always promt me to a tab saying “your account does not exist”. I tried using other email address and still gives me the same message is their something wrong with what im doing?

I could start again but thinking about the rare legends, ethernals crystals and mythstones that i have farmed for the past 3 months going to waste makes me sad :blush: .

I hope someone can help me with my problem. Thanks alot and more power.

Contact support, they’ll get your account activated.

Well i did try to send an email to the support and waited for few hours but still didnt get any reply is their a time frame for the problem to be solve thanks again

It was Sunday :dieter:

Oh sorry my bad. thanks anyway :smiley:

That’s my problem too i can’t activate my account

Read the sticky: