DQ Discord Group


I give the group a 1/10. Not a 10/10 because of the recent member join. Shall his name remain unspoken. :unamused:


Haha… Yea… :slight_smile:


I see.


Hi everyone! Brand new player here (just hit level 30 and have not even the slightest idea what i’m doing. Just keep doing the floors!). Was looking to see if maybe I could join and learn a thing or two as I have no idea where to start. :slight_smile:



Hiya. Just install discord, register, and click the invite link in first post from cuzeg


this group help me a lot!!! come and join!!!


Who wants my build advice and help? Join discord or PM me in forums for your builds to get real good. Remember, I have a lot of experience and knowledge. I’m not newbie like I used to be. Don’t be afraid to ask me for help.

And @Mr_Scooty also as he’s very good as well.


Lol … 10 people join channel within minutes of this post


dunno whats up… but server been borked all day.

Bot : Clyde
all messages disabled temporarily

Bot : Tatsumaki just broken

Maybe our mighty leader banned me… nahhhh lol


Lol. He won’t do that to you. You’re the servers MVP.


rofl :wink:

its still messed up for me. had connection briefly but back to suspended state of connecting


Discord having some problem.


I can get a few of my channels to work. Might have to update discord app if that is what you are using?


yea… there was an update for me. but was still a few issues afterwards. seems to have stabilized now though. :slight_smile:


Connection problem always occurs.


I’m pleased for my discord to feel more better setup :slight_smile: .


Hi guys what is the meaning of discord :confused:


Can anyone say what is the stronger a mythic item or a crystal item




Its an app

Both of them. Depends on your usage.