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You what do you prefer


What is stronger or cool to use eternal or mythic items


I use Mythic item with crystal affix.


Ahhh… ok thanks for info.


@kenken Mythic affixes give your items powerful abilities. you can only have 1 per item, and most Mythic can only be on certain items. resource Mythic can be on any item, but only one resource Mythic per set.
Crystal affixes are about 25 or so affixes that are x3 the Epic affix values. you can only have one per item, but they can be on any item. the block affix can only be on OH weapon, unless you find a Crystal Legend item with block on it.
Pets do not have Crystal or Mythic affixes.
you can have 1 Mythic and 1 Crystal affix on each item if you want, but that leaves 4 spaces on each item to put other affixes on.
Mythic affixes tend to give your gear a nice boost of some kind; Crystal affixes open up space on your gears. EG: if you want to max out your attack speed at 60%, you need 4 affixes. with Crystal attack speed, you need 1 Crystal and 1 Epic, freeing up 2 spaces for something else.
so it isn’t which is more powerful, it is which is best for what you want to build to reach your goal.
hope this helps.


hey guys… a lot of players have joined into the group, which is awsome :slight_smile:


for the sanity of ourselves, and ease of focusing, i personally would appreciate players using if not the same nickname, at least relatively close.

this can be very useful when figuring out whos who and what problems, be it builds, general questions, etc… that one is having.

DQ ftw.

ty :slight_smile:


today is the first official day we unveil the build compendium.

Builds for players by you, the players.

Still always room for any DQ players, so come get in on the fun. :slight_smile:

Lanth's Infernal Hybrid Build (Rogue) : PvE or PvP



I joined :slight_smile:


welcome :))


Thanks everyone for joining my discord. It is much appreciated :smile: .