DQ Discord Group

Who wants to join my Discord? The name is called DQuesting for the group I created.

All you have to do to join is click this invite link that I set to never expire: https://discord.gg/tjR96pw

Since you guys asked for it, I created the discord server DQuesting group to hopefully help you guys get better at the game and generally have a good time if you don’t feel like going to forums in some cases. Get to connect with players easier as well.
This could be the solution if you don’t like Slack or can’t join slack or just generally prefer discord.

Download Discord on your PC, App Store or Play Store on android, You can even potentially use discord on a console apparently. You can also use the website discord too.

Create discord account when you’ve installed the app and it’s very simple. I don’t think you need to send me email for me to accept invite because an Invite link is probably enough. All you need is to create the account and verify email to join by yourself.

If you’re not aware about discord, heres the site and download link. https://discordapp.com/ . Mobile website will probably say download on play store or app store or maybe even amazon store.

I’m looking forward to meeting you guys and lets get good at DQ Together! :smile: :wink: :slight_smile:


Let’s hope it is active enough XD. The slack DQuesters group was a good group but unfortunately the activity got low somehow. You don’t have to be pressured to always be on but be on whenever you feel the need.

I would gladly help anybody with the game through this app and generally have a good time chatting or messaging and having fun.

Is this a text chat client that works in game, or a voice app, or…? :slight_smile:

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Both! You can text chat, TTS chat or even voice chat. The discord group will always have default text and voice chat in there.

Ok I just realised that you can’t join DQ slack group without Griffin or Skaul online but since they aren’t online for quite a while , it seems that it’s basically dead since in order to join , they need to accept your email to invite you there. If they come back, then it’s not dead.

For me, you can join the discord server DQuesting even if I for some reason disappeared . It would still stay active unless the app died or something strange happens

Im joined. Ty

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advantage and dis advantage of that??


Yeah all you need is basically create account, verify email, click invite link and easy join. Not much fuss.

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Wow I’m LOVING discord already. It’s so much better than slack imo and great for gamers. Slack was intended with workers in mind but an application optimised for gaming is awesome.

Alot of things feel like slack but you get to voice chat if you felt free to , TTS speech , friend people and chat to them even on another server, have multiple easy discord servers that you don’t have to load long for and some more.

Many things are generally free and easy too.

Yup. Easy.

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Ok we have 5 new members in the group who have successfully joined. @Homicide @arrow143 @Yoy and dhondho (I’m not sure who dhondho is). @ImmortalScout probably? In any cases that’s awesome!

Feel free to ask questions about the game , post build for faster responsive feedback , get to converse for the sake of it and more. I have confidence in this group idea haha :parrotdad: :smile: :blush: .

@PaNgaHazZz have also joined the discord group . Well it’s certainly doing well in some way for sure :smile: and I love it.

Sooo happy you did this :slight_smile:



Wow at least 10 people in the discord group :slight_smile: if you include me. Congratulations on joining the group.

Thank you @Nightbladejay , genocidal and randobrando as well as @PaNgaHazZz and others who have joined. Also @deathGG . Now 12 members including me.

I’m not sure if I need anymore members but I’m not forcing you to join. Only join if you really want to.

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The more the merrier… bump

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Yep. Hello @Skaul @Griffin

I’m so glad my group is doing successfully and a bit active :smile: . I also learnt a thing or two and helped others . It’s just a fun time for sure.

Lol youve left me .

The group’s grown quite a bit huh…