DQ2 testing


Some of the old regulars seem a bit quiet. I suspect they are secretly testing the sequel ??? I wonder how its going ?


it’s a secret! :male_detective: :foggy: :crystal_ball:


I tho this post was about dq2 testing then hehe


I was hoping for spoilers :heart_eyes: I hate surprises :sunglasses:


Well crud, thought beta or something. It’s been nearly 2 years since I last played DQ. Waiting for some DQ2.


I have not played in long time too


This one my last hope about oldschool games in Play Store. I can’t wait for the game gonna be like a new dawn :pray:


It will be old school…but with a fresh coat of paint :slight_smile:
There are some great QoL (quality of life) updates that we will be adding in and while I don’t want to drop down a rabbit hole/rant I can say that we play A LOT of ARPGS…old and new.

Hopefully it will have enough great stuff in it to keep our players interested, but the one thing we learned from DQ1 (and still get QUITE a bit of feedback on) is that we need lots of content.

No matter how great our gameplay systems are if we cannot create a lot of content then we will not be able to keep our players interested.

Content will always be the thing that takes us the longest to make. We think we have (at least I really love them) created some great gameplay systems for DQ2. Now we just need lots and lots of content to put into the game so it stays fresh and we can keep our players engaged.


I saw all inovations in DQ1 and i got u. I think we have to create another social community for suggest and help about somethings.


there is a game I have been playing since the beginning of the year. since I have started playing, they have taken a few things out while adding other things. it is a little more streamlined and also has more content now, making it easier to get loot to improve my Heroes. although the game has a lot of Pay to Win content, I am actually doing pretty good with my Play to Win style. I guess 70% of the game is Solo play, but he other 30% you can team up with other players against monsters or other players, and there is a Guild system with multi player Guild battles 3x a week. I just started fighting in Guild battles, and I like the loot I am getting. even the loot from losing is pretty good, just not as good as if you win.

I actually like the Solo Play style of Dungeon Quest. it is forcing me to analyze and think about how to improve my Characters, and I consider the Arena side of the game as an extension of the Campaign side, making you think even more. Dungeon Quest 2 (used until official title is released) will probably have a lot of the content everyone wants for DQ, so I am glad all that content will go into another game. people interested in more Solo type of games will stick with DQ, and Multi Player types will go for DQ2, and of course, there will be those who will play both. :smiley:


@Golem and @dickwad Spoiler and Surprise…


Even tho i dont play as hard and much more than others and trash talk sometimes i really have a deep patience for the squel of dis game. Because even my phone needed tiniest of it space for important jobs i refused to delete dis game. I still play it and i will wait for the 2nd. The catch is this community and devs are awesome thank you for being here :slight_smile:


:rofl: x 1k. I know everyone wants the Dev’s to hurry up and release DQ2, but maybe they need to take time off and relax on Christmas and New Years so their computers can rest & relax a little. :desktop_computer: :crossed_swords: :man_scientist: = :exploding_head: + :face_with_head_bandage:.


@tdaniel ty for posting about DQ2! If you guys have the systems ready and some content, why not release the game with a fair amount of content and then release expansions as iap every 6-12 months? Any eta you can provide for release? 6-12-24-36 months? Throw us a bone? :joy:



Throw you a bone? The dev can answer your other questions.

image http://www.miguecartoon.com/


Great question and good point! The simple answer is we just don’t have enough content to keep players engaged long enough to get to the “next patch” release. That is our overall plan for sustained game support…but we just don’t have enough right now.

We have some skills weapons armors, enemies, etc in for the purposes of testing all our systems. Now we have to build just as much art as we have code…which is a lot.

We are also spending a lot of resources on this game and we need to make sure we are confident in it’s ability to offer our players a great time. If we can do that we know we can expand our reach to other languages and platforms to pull in a larger player pool as well (which with the coop features we have will give players even more reason to hang around).


Keep up the good work @tdaniel. :sunglasses:


Players will have their patience and anticipation rewarded with a quality game, but for the Dev’s, haste creates a game that players will abandon like a sinking ship. it’s a tough balancing act.


I hope we can transfer our account in dq1 to dq2


Would $$$ push this project along? I mean it couldn’t hurt and I know this factually. Perhaps you should reskin vanity item(s) for dq1 and offer in exchange for a donation to help with dq2? I suggest the vanity item because I know some people would never donate $ for a cause without getting something in return but then again I’m sure a lot of people would donate just because they love your game… preferably for me I’d like I donate for closed beta testing (or even better alpha since it’s been stated that it isn’t near being done).

$$$just my 2 cents$$$