DQ2 testing


Before thinking about content, deal with anti-cheat and ban system, because many players, including me, were banned for frequent upload / download, I did it 2 times a day because I bought a phone and I was banned :slight_smile: and the funny thing is: you CAN’T DECAY BACK, you just don’t have such a function, it’s funny :slight_smile: instead you offer to play in a dead league :slight_smile: good luck


Yeah, the downside is we do have to be very heavy handed with anti-cheat/hack measures in DQ2. We know that DQ1 didn’t have the capability of keeping hackers/cheaters out (the game rests on users phones with no way to monitor their edited save games), but with DQ2 we have already decided to take a different route to combat it.

Also, uploading a save game does not get you banned in DQ1 and we do have a way of restoring players who are flagged incorrectly, if they are flagged that way.

Best of luck to you as well, thanks for stopping by!


We are also going to have similar systems like this in place for players that want to follow the game as soon as they can.

I personally enjoy kickstartng games and doing early access, as a developer I like watching the game grow and take shape. But it is not for everyone, since many early access games are very broken at the start (DQ2 is no exception)


You enjoy kickstarting and early access??? Well why not do what you enjoy and let us see something?? I think my husband truly believes there will never be a dq2 because I’ve talked about it for years and still waiting… he’s a dream crusher. He said the same thing about another rpg I liked (Stories of Bethem) and the first what I read they stopped development on a sequel to proceed with other projects.

Haha also a “BIG” tip from my 10 year old daughter who is autistic and struggles with this: dq2 should have some type of quest system or storyline. “Mom I absolutely CANNOT play this game… how does dungeon quest not have quests???”


HA, I wish it were that easy!!

Tell your daughter we are TOTALLY having quests and a story line this time :).

The main reason we have not launched our ealy access campaign is that we don’t think it is “pretty” enough yet. A lot of our game systems are working and in place which is great (and usually the hard part) and one of the reasons we are working with eternal partners to get more art assets created and into the game.

We want to have a visually rich alpha product that not only shows off our deep gameplay systems, but also our vision for what we want the game to look like.

I have also personally kickstarted several games, that in my opinion, launched their crowd funding too early and their game really suffered for it.

Don’t worry…you will get to tell your husband “i told you so” :wink:


@tdaniel keep up the good work and don’t let us players push your team into a developing corner!

@Vanellope cool family! for your daughter, I was thinking as I read your post that the Quest for Dungeon Quest is to see how deep into the Dungeon you can get. so it is like a Personal Quest for Dungeon Climbing/Delving. and that is a really deep question, I wish I could have given it an extra Like.

I actually thought about the lack of Quests in a game called Dungeon Quest, but then I eventually realized that the only Quest in the game is going as far as you can, and then trying for the next floor. and maybe the other Quest is getting First Place in Battle Arena.

also, I think the support you receive from your husband is amazing. my friend says I play games too much, but he plays as much as I do. :laughing: actually, I think he plays more than I do, as I have some other interests that take up a lot of my time.


I think it’s awesome that the game developers create a game by asking the players for suggestions. I’ve never witnessed it before. I’m a 1000% sure DQ2 will be an event.


Awesome. I agree with this too. I mean that is how I felt this DQ was like but I have a good feeling about DQ2 based on what you have said and what has transpired.


Just had a random idea for DQ2. After storyline and related quests you get a randomly generated quest by the title of " Bring me the head of (a random named player)". So one player has a bad day at the office lol :star_struck:


Your game is ALWAYS pretty, so please let the players test it :slight_smile: Not to release it completly but some beta would be so amazing <3 Waiting like two years and i lose my controll ;(


lol. this reminded me of those scenes where someone is in class at school or in the office at work, but they are playing a game or watching something and then they jump up yelling, then they stop and look around at everyone staring at them funny.


new news? i can’t wait anymore :frowning:


Live action NEMISIS ooh I got chills!!!


I’m currently doing another final fantasy on my phone … I’ve completed about ten . What I like is the linear story but free roaming aspects to the game ( e.g. Like diablo 2) and the hidden games and levels. A hint to the developers regarding game content for DQ2. :smiling_imp:


@dickwad FINAL FANTASY? oh boy. Final Fantasy IX and VII was my favorite. also try Final Fantasy Dimensions. :+1:


I loved FF7. I played 4,5 and 6 in the last 2 years. All wonderful @kiane_zaine. Played 8 to 13 . Played spin offs. Also played Final fantasy tactics, the prelude to FF 7, and now FF4 the after years. Final fantasy 7 was the best but only by a cat’s whisker. I’ve been addicted to the series . I know with every game that I will spend months and complete everyone. And when you finish it, it feels sad like losing a friend.


Ha developers are you guys far along in the progress of dungeon quest 2 or na I’ve been looking forward for me and my brother being able to play against each other and have are characters work together


Now thiers a battle arena, are you going to create a clan system? And clan wars too? Just asking


Make a trade system! Like… trading items for gold, crystals and mythstones, or another item! It would be greaat! People could reach out more with one another


Eternal crystals or mythsone! Mythic Pets… eternal pet for 15k+ dust… more new affixes