DQ2 testing


Changable eternal affixes but costs high amout of crystals


give us at least a little preview or even screenshot of DQ2. :slight_smile:


When will it be released?? Cant wait


10 th Ascension pls huahuahua


Blue pet


Don’t worry all, we’re still working on it :slight_smile:

We’ll share a ton of info when we’re ready to show, but we can’t say yet when that is.

For now keep letting us know what you guys would like improved on from DQ, we’re here listening :smiley:


@SteigerBox I like the ‘feel’ of the game, Dungeon Quest. as a single player type game, I like the simplicity and depth, complexity and ease. I guess not all of DQ can translate well into a multi player, but if the ‘feel’ of single player DQ can be transferred over to multi player DQ, and the best of what players like in other games can become a part of the ‘feel’ of DQ, I might end up confused as to which one I would like to play at any given time, DQ or DQ2!!!

young female Rogue Elf?
young male Warrior Human?
old male Wizard Human?
Crafting is the heart of DQ.
Elements are the Foundation of DQ. Maps & Monsters all have some connection to Elements.

Vanity: how much choice do we have over character appearances?
Race: Human only or more choices? bonus or penalty, or maybe both, for using certain races?
Class: same as DQ? or more choices. are they dependent on race or interchangeable? any Classes with requirements to attain? Multi Classing?
Crafting: I can see how this is where the biggest differences between DQ & DQ2 would be.
The World: the other big difference. one big Dungeon World, or a lot of Dungeons spread around a World that players travel around, teleport between different Dungeons, something totally new?
Elements: same, more, or totally different Elements? will the Elements play the same roll in DQ2 as in DQ, or will Elements have a different roll to play in DQ2?

I know this post sounds more like questions, but I meant them more as ideas or thoughts of what kind of changes might be coming our way.


Dragon Pet haha whats next to Eternal? Void… xD


New special skill.:blush::blush: hehehehe i’m so exited. :joy::joy:


A Rogue, Warrior, or wizard boss monsters or new types of monsters on floor maps with uniwue drops… New feats…


And eternal pets quite frustrating… u get one but u cant really use it ( you can get eternal pet but %98 who has one has pretty bad affix). So its good as a decoration in inventory ( like oohhh… i got eternal pet! So what? The affix still suck… ill just collect them in my inventory)… i played this game before its called “pet forest” its all about how good ur pet is which makes u strong in the game. In that game u integrate two pets inorder to make a new breed of cooler petand stronger one. Its like breeding black chocobos to make a gold chocobo… i hope in dq 2 those useless eternal pets can be integrated and can be used to something useful. Like two eternal pets = cooler than eternal… just my thaught though cause eternal pet kinda frustrating when u earn one but has poor affixes


Or is there higher than Eternal?? Hahaha just wondering in DQ 2 xD


They should have an eternal fabled pet :heart_eyes:




I think I just heard a Dev’s head go :boom: or maybe :exploding_head: seeing Eternal Fabled Pet.


@Golem @dickwad what? Fabled Pet? means it has Mythic? even cheaters will scare the hell out because of this Fabled Pet. :joy:


that would be nice, but I think it would have the Mythic Legend affix. but we still can’t put Myth Stones on Pets, so no Mythic affixes.

honestly, this kind of Pet would not be a good idea anyways. you can use Dust to get Eternal Fabled Weapon or Hood if you don’t get the affixes you want, but if you don’t get what you want on the Eternal Fabled Pet, you wasted a bunch of Crystals and have to wait until you Farm another one, and who knows how long it will be until you get another one?


25k dust for eternal pet or for that eternalll fabled pet =)))


why most dq player like the game so much ?

@Golem said “Crafting is the heart of DQ”. absolutely ! for me ! There’s no such a game that can compare the game dynamics of DQ ! i played a lot of aRPG but this game !! this is really what i dreaming for ! and I’ll admit I’ve made a lot of formula in making my own gameplay strategy, almost 200 formula pve and pvp until I discovered Infinity Build, awweeeeesoooommmmmeeeeee ! its so excitement to explore and discovered what you’ve built ! thats the dynamics i called about this so amazing game ! hope in dq2 add many many many many many many new sets and affixes etc. !

woah ! so i will continue making a formula ! ^^ there’s no any similar game like DQ in the whole universe ! wooooaaah ! :open_mouth: a one unique dynamic crafting ! i love the mechanics of some other games but the dynamic of it ? nah there’s no such than dq !!! dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq dq

grammar is not important as long as you understand what i want to say ^^


It would be nice if there was more contrast between the text and background on items and codex. Some of them I can’t read and have to screenshot it and then go into my phone to zoom it so I can read what it says.