DQ2 testing


A couple ideas I thought of since you mentioned for us to give you more ideas…

Another caster class, like a Shadow Priest or Warlock would be awesome. {I only like caster classes so I’m biased)

Idk if it’s been mentioned but letting players group up in dungeons, or letting 2 players group up in Arena against AI?

If it is possible to group, though, maybe having a priest or druid class that is healer?

Apologies if those suggestions are too out there for a mobile game, I’m clueless about programming and what is/isn’t possible.


Is it still not going to reqire internet because mine suck


hope so too haha


Unreal amulets and rings :heart_eyes:


new news @tdaniel @SteigerBox ?
everyone is so hyped


We are still plugging away on getting content made for the game…I don’t think people will complain (at least I hope not) about the number of looks we have for our characters this time around :wink:


Are there going to be Summoners @tdaniel :heart_eyes:


just a quick question :
if someone bought a skin or vanity in generell, are you going to give him or her a voucher for the same amount/ the same skin in DQ2, or won’t you and he have to buy again everything?
i understand both arguments,
you could honnor the “OG’s” and say them help for playing and helping you with buying skins.
on the other hand it’s acutally a new game which took a lot of time and work, for which you should earn your wage.
what are Your idead @tdaniel


I read my post again and can see where my intent was not clear. It will be a entirely new game and will not be an update to DQ at all

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@tdaniel so it will be probably the second, right?


I think so… “on the other hand its actually a new game” that is what we are doing

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