DQ2 testing

A couple ideas I thought of since you mentioned for us to give you more ideas…

Another caster class, like a Shadow Priest or Warlock would be awesome. {I only like caster classes so I’m biased)

Idk if it’s been mentioned but letting players group up in dungeons, or letting 2 players group up in Arena against AI?

If it is possible to group, though, maybe having a priest or druid class that is healer?

Apologies if those suggestions are too out there for a mobile game, I’m clueless about programming and what is/isn’t possible.


Is it still not going to reqire internet because mine suck


hope so too haha

Unreal amulets and rings :heart_eyes:

new news @tdaniel @SteigerBox ?
everyone is so hyped


We are still plugging away on getting content made for the game…I don’t think people will complain (at least I hope not) about the number of looks we have for our characters this time around :wink:


Are there going to be Summoners @tdaniel :heart_eyes:

just a quick question :
if someone bought a skin or vanity in generell, are you going to give him or her a voucher for the same amount/ the same skin in DQ2, or won’t you and he have to buy again everything?
i understand both arguments,
you could honnor the “OG’s” and say them help for playing and helping you with buying skins.
on the other hand it’s acutally a new game which took a lot of time and work, for which you should earn your wage.
what are Your idead @tdaniel

I read my post again and can see where my intent was not clear. It will be a entirely new game and will not be an update to DQ at all


@tdaniel so it will be probably the second, right?

I think so… “on the other hand its actually a new game” that is what we are doing


Is this about Dungeon Quest Immortal ? :eyes:

A skill tree and subclasses were really nice. You could make your char more unique :slight_smile:


Skill trees like my old ten year love affair with Diablo 2 :joy: Now that would rock.

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3 trees with ten skills and you could max ten or not. Then all skill items :heart_eyes:

I played Diablo only a little bit. I really wanted to do the whole Skill Tree, but at the high end, you kind of have to start making difficult choices.

in DQ, one of my Goals is to make a Talent Based Build, but I keep making the Discovery that that isn’t a very easy Build to make.

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The trick with Diablo was to to put one point in every skill and then test items before maximizing skills of choice ( or not )

I wasn’t really into Diablo. it was fun watching others play and learning to play when I had the chance, but I was more into Neverwinter Nights. there were a lot of similarities, but some of the differences were hard to overcome.

DQ was hard for me to get into at first, but when I finally put my mind to it, it was fun and easy, with enough complexity and diversity to keep me engaged.

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DQ was easy for me because it’s all about crafting but I’m sure the lack of story will put people off. DQ2 will address all these issues and may just be an eternal game.

I didn’t even know there wasn’t any story until a few players mentioned it in some posts. to be honest, I don’t think DQ needed one for the simple reason you are only Crafting Gears, Killing Monsters, Farming For Loot, and Climbing Floors. and maybe some PVP In The Battle Arena.

if you really want a story line for DQ, we Players are the Heroes who are looking for the Magical Loot to save the World from the Evil Archmage BOREDOM and his two Minions Laziness and Procrastinator!!!

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