Dungeon Quest Goals - Last Goal Finally achieved!


I finally achieved my last goal for Dungeon Quest. My first goal ever was to catch @Shay in legends found. My second goal was to achieve top PvP spot in 1v1 and 2v2. My final goal was to hit 3,000 Hours DQ game time. Maybe I will go back to reading novels and keeping an eye on the DQ forum?

I am definitely looking forward to the sequel!! Thank you to the Dungeon Quest team for a superb game!! Thank you to all the players in the forum and game who push us continue to evolve and improve.

Special thanks to @SteigerBox, @tdaniel, @Clogon, @Griffin, @Skaul, @Midlumer, @Mandelbrot, @Refia, @Emman and so many others during my quests (there is a limit of 10 players You can list in a single post)!

Final Goal --> 3,000 Hours Dungeon Quest game time played

Is your kraken warrior released yet?

Incredible!!! Thanks for being such a supportive community member. We appreciate your contributions and wish you the best! Hope to see you soon with a new adventure to go on :wink:


Thanks @tdaniel I will still play but I will not be as competitive. I will also still be here to watch over the forum and help out the players in their quests.

This is still a huge puzzle with so many unknown crafts and outcomes! There are 143 epic affixes, 20 cyan affixes, approximately 80 legend affixes, 40 mythics, approximately 60 sets, 72 talents and 20 mythstones. Not to mention there are over 50 primary and secondary skills!!! It’s difficult to think about all the combination possibilities I haven’t tested yet.


See you in dq2 :slight_smile:


I have been messing around with spiritmancer talents in pvp. Currently got reclaim, recall, necrotic etc to 56. It seems to work. I’m going to try using haunting in another build


@Mr_Scooty sometimes I find myself asking the question ‘I wonder what I can do with (fill in the blank)’. or ‘what if I put these 2 (fill in the blanks x2) together, I bet it will be cool!’ for example, I noticed that Reflect Damage causes Arcane Damage, and if I use that Mythic that causes an attacks Element to be the targets Elemental Weakness while using Weaken, lots of fun, especially with Redirect Mythic and Electrified Set. but I need to tweak the build, as Reflect Damage can’t be relied on 100% on high Floors where you get 1 shot by monsters.


Special thanks and credit to the very best PvP foes for pushing me to consistently do better And think outside the box:

@ZARAKI / G@meover


@Mr_Scooty when I played diablo 2 for 10 years I would finish every ladder season by giving away all my elite items to someone struggling. Then I’d delete my character and start a fresh for the next year long ladder. I’ve got plenty to work with here beyond dq2. I will probably do both


@Golem the best method is to spend 90% of your time on the theory craft with pencil and paper or Excel. List down your 42 available affixes in a matrix from Main hand to pet. Set goals for HP, MP, Damage / Power, Damage Reduction, and align to your play style. Utilize methods to determine how to optimize each of the affixes above until you believe you have achieved or surpassed your goals. Then you place your remaining effort into into crafting and testing/proving theory! Rinse and repeat. :muscle:


Golem is like me. He wings it @Mr_Scooty lol


@Mr_Scooty YOU ARE THE MAN------the respect from mandelbrot.
Language is poor,I bring a song for you.
邓超 - 无敌.flac (9.1 MB)

See you in DQ2 :blush:


That works also. As long as you’re having fun! I’m too freaking competitive though.




thank you mr. scooty your the best! see you on dq2…


Salamat @Alastra :+1:


Wooooh!! Well done mr.idol scooty !
Ur a real gamer !!!
+10 for every strong build(godlike) and strongest standing(beyond godlike) uv made
+10 for helping everyone here
+10 for your advices and many more
+10 respect

See you in dq2 idol :facepunch:


Thank you @ZARAKI

Maybe it’s time for Super Saiyan Mode


Ultra instinc


See you in dq2 :wink:


Congrats @Mr_Scooty, that’s pretty amazing :smiley: