Dungeon Quest Goals - Last Goal Finally achieved!


Congratz @Mr_Scooty .


Congratulations! Thank you for being the best i’ve seen in this community and I knew you could do it! I pushed myself to get good because of meeting you and many others who have inspired me to push myself to think outside the box and do better consistently.

I never knew DQ was this deep but after meeting @cronos4321, @Mr_Scooty , @Griffin and many others, I really saw what makes the game so good. People say mobile games can’t be this good/complicated but really this proves it wrong. This game proves that even mobile games can be viable if done right and if they care for the players. This feels like a PC game also but on mobile and I’m so glad I got to play this while I could and enjoyed being in this community. It’s Phenomenal. I pretty much spent a big portion of my life here and no regrets.

@shay definitely inspired me also to play longer and collect as many legends but before i knew it, i got so many legends and I felt like it’s not too far fetched to surpass shay. Anyway Congratulations for your successes and goals!


I never knew @Mr_Scooty is a Filipino. So there’s a lot filipino players here?


3000 hours WOW! You are the real MVP @Mr_Scooty !


Thank you @_SpectralKnight


Thank you @CuzegSpiked

You have been an integral part of this community for a long time now and have personally helped numerous players. We are all thankful for your presence in the forum and DQ.

There are so many puzzles that still need to be solved in DQ. I certainly can not wait for DQ2!


@Mr_Scooty you are awsome. I still have much to do to complete in DQ.


Thank you @SamuelMG


@Mr_Scooty & @dickwad, I like winging it when it comes to making my builds, but then it gets to the point I have to write things down for fine tuning. one thing about winging it when it comes to crafting, is that when it is time for writing it down, I know what does and doesn’t work, and have a better idea of the direction I want/need to go with the crafting. it’s kind of like doing the testing first before the planning. :confused: with my Reflection Build, I just built it and started using it, and then, after seeing it in action, I was able to see it’s strengths and weakness’s, and consider where I want to go with it.
also, this thread has some really great meme’s. :+1:


@Golem There is nothing wrong with a visceral feeling and approach when you play the game. :+1:




Thank you @Eater


your welcome mate


God luck on you jorney Mr.Awsome! See you in Dq2☺


Thank you @ZOMBOY I will see you on the other side. :sunglasses:


Got mine. Eternal league. Roll on dq2


Well done from a gamers perspective. That was my goal while playing Dota 2 along with the achievements. It seems menial to most but from an artist to a mastermind it really is a tough feat if accomplished.

Just on another related topic - how many of those hours were spent using Immortal builds ?

Call it a case of curiosity and a peak of my interest on the \matter\ …?

nonetheless that is a lot of invested, constructive thinking within the dynamic of the game. Any game applies if the criteria is met as far as you’ve managed.

GG. =`)


PS. Please delete your account and give your passwords to someone with a severe case of old timers disease. Judging by your immortal haters you’d be doing not only them but the forum that endures their whining a considerable favour.



I still have so many goals: Golems Ultimate Farming Build (not as easy as I thought it would be), Climb past Floors 1k, 5k, 10k, 15k, etc… in the DQ Campaign, get First Place in Battle Arena in 1v1 & 2v2 PVP (with all 3 Classes) so I can wear my Eternal Back with pride, transform my Golems Ultimate Farming Build into Golems Ultimate Farming Build with Main & Hireling for all 3 Classes, get over 1k with all Crystals and Myth Stones, find all Legend, Eternal, and all Pets in the Codex, maybe try to humbly get a few more Badges in the Forum, make a lot of different builds that work great that no one else has discovered yet, and maybe discover a few more goals along the way, maybe get first place in one or two of the Leader Boards.


I’m working on a vampire warrior build. Don’t know if it will work and it’s going to a strange one.