Dungeon Quest Goals - Last Goal Finally achieved!


Clearly you don’t understand much of what I say.

I haven’t complained about the build so far. Feel free to give a coherent quote… Or accept that you didn’t get the point.

I have relatively old posts concerning them and how I never encountered it as a problem once I understood the strategy. There’s nothing wrong with being incomprehensive - it only becomes wrong when you publcally humiliate yourself once the notion sinks in.

But OK. I will try to get better. =(( just for you twinkle toes.


K sorry i was wrong. Ya i really dont feel bad mate :joy:
Deleted for good messure for ya, you seemingly didnt need the information on there anyway


See. Now you got me in trouble. =(( Mr. Mrs.?! Principle forum person just gave me five of the best.

The joys of misconstrues. xD

But uh. Ktnxbye.


Wow a vampire warrior may work… sorry to interrupt the debate. If you have high bleed and extremely high health and armour with just enough mana regen to keep scalp going. Then who needs hp regeneration. Early days and it may be a disaster.


I could be wrong but if my memory serves me correctly I have seen a build just like if not slightly similar to that.

But scalp is ridiculous with bleed, this I’ve unfortunately experienced.


I’m adding overload, scoundrel, blood magic, equality, permafrost, druidic pet, not finished. Obviously and vampiric touch. Nova and apocalypse


Probably a storm proc if I can find room


I’ll have a look at one of my old Rogue builds that had similar elements to what you just mentioned and I’ll post them here, if it’ll give you some kind of innovative idea from it.

I remember enjoying it but it required a lot of maintenance in terms of either being at your peak or hanging by a thread of health, destined to accumulate HP as sneakily as possible. (Referring to old PvP matches)


Cast storm. Opponent knockback. Cast scalp to bleed. Cast apocalypse to summon furies (which also gain certain affixes from your items :sweat_smile:… critical affixes,life,regen etc) then run away just doing the same. Summons also knockback.