Easier method for Perfect-Re-rolling

[color=#FF0000]This guide is no longer current or even possible to perform, it remains for reference purposes only[/color]

Here’s a guide to Perfect Re-Rolls:

1. Go to the lowest floor for the item you want to re-roll:

Wands: Floor 1
Staves: Floor 1
Gauntlets: Floor 5
Swords: Floor 5
Orb: Floor 1
Bracer: Floor 1
Tome: Floor 5
Skull: Floor 5

Swords: Floor 1
Hammers: Floor 1
Axes: Floor 5
Lances: Floor 5
Horn: Floor 1
Shield: Floor 1
Totem: Floor 5
Axe: Floor 5

Armor: Floor 11* for talent
Helm: Floor 20* For easy find w/ Talent
Ring: Floor 20* For easy find w/ Talent
Amulet: Floor 30* For easy find w/ Talent

Step 2:
Disenchant Item

Step 3:
Enchant item w/ 3-4 epic affixes, then re-roll to lv 100 with max stats (3 affixes are easier to re-roll to max than 4, but if you have a talent/+bolt/atk chance then having 4 affixes is the way to go)

Step 4:

At lv 100, the item will more readily be enchanted with max stat affixes; The final step is to enchant/re-load your save until the desired max rolls are reached.

My examples here aren’t all perfect rolls, but they are VERY close, except for the Orb, of which is PERFECT. :smile:

Do note though that this method is meant to be easier than that of simply re-rolling 6 affixes all together… if you do probability on it:

Assuming you roll max for each stat at a 1/5 ratio:

Re-rolls to get max stat of 1 specific stat of 6:
1/5 = 5 re-rolls
for 2 specific stats:
1/5 * 1/5 = 1/25; 25 re-rolls
for 3:
1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5 = 125
For 4
1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5 * 1/5 = 625
For 5
1/5^5 = 3125
For 6
1/5^6 = 15625… as you can see, it’s best to just go with 3 affixes *Exception: +extra bolt/atk chance = 1 or 2, meaning you will roll max 1/2 of the time; with that in mind, 3 normal affixes + bolt/atk chance = 250 instead of 625… So you can see why I place the cutoff there… The probability assumption is based off of my countless hours of re-rolling and re-tailoring my character several times; The 1/5 ratio is based off of 300% luck on equipment and 100% bonus luck from challenges. It seems that 1 in 5 re-rolls on average yields 1 max affix.

[size=150][color=#FF0000]Edit: Unverified: Tip: As a rule of thumb, and as a person who’s re-rolled for hours on end because I’m a perfectionist; I can tell you that it absolutely seems that enchanting depends on the first affix on an item. i.e. if you have attack speed first, usually, crit chance/crit damage follow, and vise versa, this works with +dmg/+%dmg/+%elementdmg/+elementdmg(although avoid flat element damage at all costs, it’s a waste); but if you roll luck first, it is A LOT harder to narrow down affixes you want to roll, and if you roll a talent or +skill first, then you keep rolling +talent or +skill afterwards; not sure if this is intentional but it makes re-rolling a LOT easier after I found that out a long time ago; It does seem intentional and it does make sense, but maybe it wasn’t an intentional mechanic to the game, hopefully me posting this doesn’t change the enchant mechanics though :frowning: [/color][/size]
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Amazing… I’m gonna try it, thanks for the tip :astonished:

Edit : It’s already hard to get my 5th affixe (attk speed seeked since 1 weekk on 1 item), but to get it on “epic” affixe, and “maxxed”, seems harder and harder :confused:

Have a couple of quick questions for you min/max folks regarding enchanting. Assuming that luck does affect the % for epic affix enchants and for perfect rerolls, I would be better off equipping every piece of +luck gear I own prior to enchanting right? Seems like enchanting on an 8 power floor with a luck shrine would also be beneficial as well. Is combing floors for a shrine enough of an odds changer to be worth it?

Also, is there a set # of account downloads in a time period before the servers lock you out? Sometimes it seems like I can just keep downloading my account until I get tired of failing and never get blocked from the server, but today I’ve already been locked out 3 times so I can’t really wrap my head around it. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Hello Jdubya!

.) I don’t think that there is a restriction of downloading your account data from the server.

.) yeah, equip your best luck gear and enchant. luck affects the chances of getting an epic affix and enchanting in general.

.) If I remember correctly, I read it on this forum months ago, enchanting on EP 0 is more beneficial than enchanting on a higher EP. I never search for luck shrines before I enchant. :smiley:
So, it’s up to. :smiley:

I hope, that I could helped you. :smile:

Very helpful! Thank you. Hmm I’m pretty sure I read that the servers will temporarily lock you out as a defensive measure against DoS/DDoS attacks but I could be wrong. I know that I do periodically get a “could not connect check your connection” or some such message when downloading my account repeatedly but it could very well just be a server hiccup or something happening on my end. When it does happen, closing and reopening the game, resetting my connection (toggling WiFi or airplane mode for instance) doesn’t seem to do anything so I was assuming the servers were refusing my connection but I could very easily be wrong.

Can you (or anyone) explain why the level difficulty and shrine boost wouldn’t affect rerolling? Trying to figure that out is making my brain hurt. Thanks for the reply

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As I said, I’m not sure if this is still true, that EP can screw enchanting up.
But luck shrines do for sure help with enchanting. I just never do that, searching for a luck shrine, before I enchant.

And with that server upload/download restriction: I guess you are most probably right, I personally never thought about server locking one out. I always blamed my WIFI-Connection.

I’ll go ahead and post what I mentioned on another thread here:

[quote]Note, whenever you reload your DQ account over and over in quick succession, it can cause your IP to be locked out of our servers. It’s one of the default features of our service to prevent DDoS, but it will make it appear that all our forums/websites/account will be down, but you’re really just locked out for about 5-8 minutes.

We totally realize this is a thing people do, and we’re going to be adding items in one of the future patches that will make achieving the same results easier, but without having to reload your account over and over :smile:

Players will always trend towards the patch of least resistance, and we’re likely never going to do an online check for enchanting systems, so having alternate(better) ways to improve your gear will be the way to go for us.

Happy enchanting![/quote]

Thanks Steiger. I thought I remembered reading that but not where. Can you give us a ballpark # of up/downloads to stay under to avoid it? Per minute or hour or whatever translates easiest? Thanks in advance

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Can you make a youtube on how to do this? I do not understand what you mean by reloading the save? Please explain.

i don’t quite understand between 2nd-3rd step, CMIIW.
Step 2 : disenchant until no affixes left?
Step 3 : Enchant (and repeat) the disenchanted (step 2) item untill u get 3 epic affixes, and the reroll it to lvl 100 (assuming the item is lvl 1)

Thanks for an illuminating guide. However, I have a few questions.

  1. with the advent of the latest patch, is the guide still relevent?

  2. after epic affixes 3/4 do you add them individualy and re-roll or add 2/3 together?

  3. which crystal do you use?

4, What is the advantage of crafting epic builds over mythic recipes?


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