Effing's "Greased Up Deaf Guy" Warrior Build-now with vids!

Hello! So, I wanted to post a build…well more of a strategy than a build, so it’ll be easier to put together. It’s for the warrior, but it plays more like a mage than a warrior. It easily got me all the way to 200+ on EP8, and once I upgraded my equipment it was easy to breeze through EP8. I’ve swapped a LOT of the equipment with very little changes so feel free to do what you want with it. I run with legendaries at the moment, just because it was easier to find a build combo that way ( I was really new) rather than roll epics.

[color=#40BF00]A NOTE ON PETS-[/color]I use Faun cuz she’s the only Legendary pet I have, but fairies help a lot with this build. Even if just a failsafe, bring a fairy on maps 200+. BUT if you can do without I’ve noticed something! [color=#FF00FF]ANY(thanks Harahell) Imps can DROP LEGENDARIES! [/color]I’ve gotten like 10 this way-some rings, an ammy, a Plunderbuss(+50% ITEM QUANTITY!), and 3 sets of Lucky Pistols. So rock one if you can. Also, the items they drop can be epics with 1-6 epic stats but the items they drop (as far as epics go) have a MUCH higher tendency to have multiple epic affixes, or even all, than anything I pick up.(thanks again for the correction Harahell!)

[color=#FF0000]Pro-Tip[/color]:[color=#00BF00]HOW TO LINK A PS3 CONTROLLER TO YOUR ANDROID PHONE WITHOUT AN OTG (On The Go) CONVERTER CABLE!-FREE! [/color]Because both builds require you to have 2 fingers on screen all the time (joystick+one button) ---------->>>> [color=#FF00FF]http://youtu.be/3rhrIfQo90k[/color]

So, why name it “Greased Up Deaf Guy”? Great Question! Because Family Guy is funny to me, and because you never stop running! Ever. And you’re constantly running circles around the bosses, so it makes me LOL. IMHO this build has better survivability and DPS than my Rogue and Wizard. I can steadily use this build on 200+ and not have to worry about dying as long as there’s enemies to hit. Of course, falling crap still 1-shots everyone. Axe is a bit slower, but more survivability, whereas the horn kills faster but a bit weaker defensively. This build kicks ass now, and not one of my items is ilvl100 yet. None have been max-stat-rolled yet. Over 5mil crits on the regular[color=#008000] (another Pro-Tip-go to options and turn on show crit damage only, easier to see your crit damage and decreases the flood of #s)[/color]. I’ve only gotten my trap rogue to get the same and it’s more glass cannon and has to stay put to do the same DPS.

Let me start with the most important skill for this-Crushing Blow. Now, you might be inclined to press this all the way to the cap-WRONG…WRONG (he’s Rick James, man…), you actually want to keep your crushing blow only on ONE ITEM and as LOW AS POSSIBLE! This is because, as you probably well know, CB takes a static 25% of the enemy’s HP. This rocks when it has several million…but can screw you once it hits a couple hundred thousand and every other hit is a crushing blow, it can make even regular enemies take days to kill once they get to the last 1/4 of their HP bar. Sucks to see “crushing blow” over and over and over and over and not one crit.

2 Main variations of the build. One uses a HORN offhand for damage and sprints/'nados like a beast. The second uses an axe main for damage and simply holds down the button, with a shield for offhand for extra def/hp/res.

The bracket will be my equipment, the skills listed after are what it has, so you can roll an epic with the same or better to your tastes. After listing the Equipment I will list how to use the build, and once I get bluestacks working or a recorder for my phone I can upload videos! A controller is highly recommended for this, your finger may get hot from leaving it on the screen like non-stop.

[color=#0000FF]Main-[/color][axe [color=#FF0000]Fate’s Travesty[/color]]–Att Speed, Damage%, Damage#, # Extra Attack, Paralysis, HP Leech. OR [hammer-for horn offhand [color=#FF0000]Plaguebringer[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Plagued[/color], Paralysis, Storm Proc, Dodge (converted to block with Phalanx), Elem Damage %, Crushing Blow %.

[color=#0000FF]Offhand-[/color] [[color=#FF0000]Jouster’s Horn[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Momentum[/color], Zealous, [color=#BF0000]All Champion[/color], [color=#BF0000]All Berserker[/color], [color=#BF0000]Movespeed[/color],Paralysis. OR [shield for axe main [color=#FF0000]Pandora[/color]]–+HP #, Block %, Armor #, [color=#BF0000]Reflect Damage %[/color], HP Leech, All resist #.

[color=#0000FF]Helm- [/color][[color=#FF0000]Revenge[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Blood Magic[/color], [color=#BF0000]All Talents[/color], Block %, All Resist, Att Speed %, HP #. OR Can for CRIT CHANCE with [[color=#FF0000]Skull of Ignis[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Blood Magic[/color], Immolate, Lacerate, Crit Chance %, HP Leech, Dodge %(converted to Block with Phalanx).

[color=#0000FF]Chest- [/color][[color=#FF0000]Indra’s Boon[/color]]–Phalanx, Bulwark, Block %, HP Leech, Frenzy, [color=#BF0000]Reflect Dmg %
[/color] OR (if you have Faun) [[color=#FF0000]Hide of The Faun[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Faun’s Gifts[/color], Luck %m All Resist %, HP Regen#, MP Regen#, Atk Speed.

[color=#0000FF]Ring-[/color] [for Horn [color=#FF0000]Ring of The Mountain[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Terrashaper[/color], HP#, Attack chance #, [color=#BF0000]Reflect Dam %[/color], Total AR %, Armor # OR(since I have Faun) [for either [color=#FF0000]Spirit of the Faun[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Faun’s Gifts[/color], Luck %, All Resist %, Elem Resist %, Extra Attack #, HP Leech %. [for Axe [color=#FF0000]Dreamwalker[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Druidic[/color], MP Regen, Total MP, Torrent Proc%, Twister Proc % (torrent and twister are why we use this, not sure if Blood Magic converts the MP stuff to HP or not, but you will see these proc constantly.), [color=#BF0000]Movespeed[/color].

[color=#0000FF]Amulet-[/color][[color=#FF0000]Thunder Fang[/color]]–[color=#00BF00]Electrified[/color], [color=#BF0000]Reflect Dmg%[/color], Crushing Blow, All Resist, Total HP, Shock Dmg% (used for Crushing Blow).

[color=#FF8000]**The Most important skills are[/color] Blood Magic, Crushing Blow, Block, Crit Chance %/Crit Damage %(not in this build but of making epics, ROLL THIS IN!), HP Leech, and your Damage skills -Whirlwind for axe, Sprint/Torrent for Horn. [color=#00BF00]OPTIONAL–Spell Sword[/color]

For Rolling Priorities will be different depending on which damage maker you choose. I will separate accordingly. For both you want blood magic if at all possible, as soon as possible, meaning at least one slot to a legendary item, but there’s tons of them out there, you can get it on a every kind of equip there is, just work around what you find. Feel free to pump luck, but I get buttloads of legendaries just from killing quickly and at ep8 on high ass levels, and my luck’s usually around 4-500 if I’m lucky, so don’t stress it. You will be hitting a LOT so crit chance and damage will see you hitting the millions EASY. I constantly crit for over 5 mil on EP8 and I haven’t even rolled my equips for good stats yet.

I can literally stand still and kill Ignis on EP8 in seconds without a single pot.

[color=#FF80FF]Axe Equipment Skill Priorities[/color]- Crit %, Crit Dam, Dam%, Crushing Blow (low), HP Leech, Block

[color=#FF80FF]Horn Equipment Skill Priorities[/color]
- Crit %, Crit Dam %, Arcane Damage, Crushing Blow (low), Hp Leech, Block (maxes @ 75% really easy 2 get in two pieces), Dam %

How To Run The Build:

[color=#8000FF]Horn- [/color]Hold down sprint, forever. When you reach a min boss or boss, launch a twister, then run a very tight circle around them. They will spin in place and miss you with every single one of their blasts. Pop another on cooldown. LOL @ the Crushing Blow rain. Spellsword would be wasted with this build, as you never use the main, which is why the hammer is perfect for this build! I prefer this build better than a mage simply because you pick up everything and don’t have to backtrack for crap you TP’d past.

[color=#8000FF]Axe-[/color] Spin through everything like a top. Same strategy for minbosses. If using Spell Sword just stand back and keep an eye on your health if using Blood Magic. The Procs are disgusting! You will have a storm of meteors, comets, twisters, and torrents.:smiling_imp:

FOR BOTH[color=#BF00FF]CIRCLING(OR YO-YO) BOSSES/MINIBOSSES IS PARAMOUNT![/color] Wait until just after they launch their missiles as they have a small recharge time in which to cast your twister, etc. This is the only way to get close and hurt them w/o getting one-shotted especially necessary for higher challenge maps where you have like 3 epic/rare bosses at the same time. In general, make sure there’s enemies nearby when you use your skills, especially if you’re using Blood Magic! Nothing worse than killing yourself with a skill activation. I thik at the moment I have like 26 in Wrath, and just being around enemies refills health constantly, you’ll be surprised. Just make sure you have pots for those times when there aren’t any enemies or you’re too low to start a skill, etc.

Conclusion-Please excuse my shitty formatting and whatever, it’s my first ever build guide, it’s now 430am (started at midnight WTF), so it’s time to take a dab and hit the hay. I will try and do proper formatting if someone can help say how later. Hope this helps someone out there, cuz I coulda spent that time writing my 3 page essay due the 9th :mrgreen:

Here are some vids I took on my phone with the shou.be recorder-looks pretty freakin good for free 1080 too I think (sorry I screwed up uploading them the 1st time, as you can see I’ve literally never uploaded a single thing, ever…never felt the need to).

[color=#FF0000]1st vid-[/color]Floor 200 EP8 clear and equipment ----->>http://youtu.be/od2fVI8mYSE?list=UU76wXp913Hil3nvxdw0vDKA

[color=#FF0000]2nd vid[/color]- 201 Challenge Map EP8 clear and equipment ----->>http://youtu.be/N6f3KjpqPCo

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Any imp can give legendaries :wink: also rares/epic items with 1-6 epic affixes… Its matter of luck xD

Well right on! Thanks for the heads up man! Also, I heard they could “upgrade” upon certain level-ups or some such? Anyone know about that? Like from Rare to Epic or whatever. The pet itself.

I read somewhere that when a pet lvl up some of their affixes may become epic o.o i personally havent noticed that xD and never mind about when gonna lvl up to upload/download xD



Btw nice thread :wink:

Right on, thanks Diieter. Vids are up! Totally loving the recorder, going to have tons of fun with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Loved the guide! Going to try this as soon as I get a few more of those legends!

Thank you kindly! Although, if you have the gold I’d suggest getting some super low lvl epics and try rolling them up, you will far surpass me in damage output if you really pump crit% and damage %. Again the only legendary I think anyone would need would be something with Blood Magic. I will upload a vid of my rogue with it soon. If she could dish high DPS while moving she’d rock too! My rogue has a crit damage modifier of 223.8% and still not capped, soon I will roll her to high as possible and see what her numbers top at for me. Add to that a mirror image or two or three or four and…well you get the point.

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Have you try Rage set? :wink:

Have you try Rage set? :wink:[/quote]

Nope, sure haven’t, again I’m pretty new these were some of the first legendaries I got. Just gotta keep grinding, I guess :smiley: If I come across ways to beef this up, or if it becomes worthless I’ll definitely update or make a new guide if I’m able.

Ok then, you should try it. I’m sure Oblivion or Thanatos will give your build a huge boost :smiley:

Sweet, hopefully I’ll find one soon! Thanks for the heads-up!

1st video : “private” (can’t see it)
2nd video : not loading

[quote=“Diieter”]1st video : “private” (can’t see it)
2nd video : not loading[/quote]

Thanks for the heads-up diieter, I’m back, the vids are fixed, uploaded another, may do some more tonight if I have time, wooooooo!

[quote=“effing”][quote=“Diieter”]1st video : “private” (can’t see it)
2nd video : not loading[/quote]

Thanks for the heads-up diieter, I’m back, the vids are fixed, uploaded another, may do some more tonight if I have time, wooooooo![/quote]

I’m sorry to crush your dreams but…

-> Block : capped to 60% now
-> Twisters dmg : reduced
-> You’re lacking a lot of dmg

-> Your build is funny, I don’t play warrior but it’s kinda interesting as build, It could give me an idea of build :smile:

-> Can’t you use “Ice” and then “permafrost” ? you would need so much more dmg :bulb:

-> You’re not touched once right? (except if you’re against a boss which has “a lot of HP”, right?) Wanna know if that’s worth building a few resistances

PS : I hate family guys lol, I wonder how ppl can like this cartoon, especially when the same author created the wonderful “american dad” aside :stuck_out_tongue:

PS 2 : How are you reaching 4040% exp that’s insane?

[quote]-> Block : capped to 60% now
-> Twisters dmg : reduced
-> You’re lacking a lot of dmg

Maybe in your version block is capped, but still goes to 75% for us, either way I just re-did it for fun w/o the block, same difference (I’m currently rolling an epic axe and epic horn). Also, I am able to use poison (better than frost imo, DOT over freeze, BUT- I did find Shube which grants permafrost-maybe I should follow your advice!), now that I have Wildhide armor which grants “IGNORE RESISTANCES” which helps SO much for map hunting (no more having to re-enchant each map due to immunities). About the damage, again…this was with legendaries for skills, not rolling my own or even capping my current equip, that was the point, any new person with a few gold can roll something from the get-go that will rush through at least the first 200 floors. As for the twister nerf, WHICH ONE?! This build uses three, twister, torrent, whirlwind, so as long as just one is nerfed, switch it up :smiley: That’s the only problem with posting builds on developer forums-they troll their own boards for how to implement nerfs :frowning: As you say, it’s not OP and I’m nowhere near ranked in anything, so I’ve no idea why anyone would want to nerf this build, but whatever. Plus, with the new crystal system isn’t it a moot point? As far as getting hit, it happens a LOT but the HP regen even @ 1-2% of 150+k is more than enough to keep me alive, you simply notice more on bosses because of damage amount. Will run like floor 220 and post it, any map is easy as long as no HP Regen for enemies, then I just leave after buying a new map for that floor.

About the experience I hadn’t even noticed, could be the map+ the purchase? I’m in floor 200 right now EP8 and it’s 263% WITH the merchant boost, so I have no earthly idea, I’ll recheck the vid LOL

Also Diieter I for one would love to see you put together a build using this I wouldblove to see what ut could do maximized and Shiny know y’all know waaay more about this game than i do! If you do is there any way you do it with our current version, as I’ve no clue when the new update drops. Thanks Diieter and Deeeeeestrooooooooooooy!

Oh side note did you see the new special with the voice behind the Daleks? Too cool!

Sometimes :smile:

We’re constantly addressing balance in the game, especially when we add enormous amounts of new power ( like with Crystals and Mythstones ).

Caps might seem hurtful to the player, but really they allow more room on items for a variety of affixes, not all one ( like Frostbite on every item ). They also keep powerful affixes in check, and help us avoid “Must have” affixes.

And of course, we have to address what’s broken, setups that make the player un-killable no matter what.

Btw, love the guide and videos!

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Maybe in your version block is capped, but still goes to 75% for us, either way I just re-did it for fun w/o the block, same difference (I’m currently rolling an epic axe and epic horn). [/quote]

I know! I was just saying that if you’re counting on your block in this build, well just you’ve to know that block and dodge are nerfed to 60% :smiley:

You just looted the best pet :open_mouth:
Anyway, I don’t think toxic beats permafrost, sincerly, even more if you have some frostbite! You should do your test before 1.6, because U/L exploit won’t exist anymore :wink:

1.6 you’ll be able to get “ignore resistance” on any gear, so you’ll get 1 powerful affix without the 5 others shitty affixes from “wildhide” eheh :smile:

Well you’re teasing me, I wanna see what kind of “hard damage” we can get from this build, i’ll keep an eye to your build and advancement then :smile:

Well Twisters were op before (i reached 500M per twister), so now it’s only 40M, but twister is op in endgame actually, that’s why Steiger nerfed it (sorry :laughing: )

Well I really would like to do anothers builds, but 1.6 doesn’t allow Upload/download exploit anymore so I can’t really craft new items :stuck_out_tongue:
Also you’re kind, BUT! I don’t know that much about Warrior, I’m a full Wizard, and average about Rogue because I built one recently and had to test him in testers alpha, but I don’t like the warrior gameplay so I don’t think I’m gonna build one (But maybe if your build is powerful, because even if it seems very fun to play it, I need damage :smile: )

No way another Dalek’s fan? yeah! such whovian, many whovian, wow :smiley:

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