Enough for now?

Doing good with my wiz… But now enemies have like x10 my HP and deal x10 my damage (dodging skills with teleport ftw), need to upgrade a bit my arena set to get higher than that.


Keep good work. I’m wating for you on div 1 :wink:


congrats keep it up mate

Also lots of damage Reduction too.

use armor, resist and perseverance for dmg reduction :sunglasses:

80% perseverance and a lot of resists, plus MP absorb 10%, defiant and equivalence, and good dodge+pathfinder… but I lack on armor and health (working on adding crystal HP% and possibly a +3 strength but I have no obsidian atm).

And this is what I mean by 10x damage/health (after a lots of DRAWS of course!):

Immortal build however has similar HP to you but yeah people mainly have 10x the hp for obvious survival reasons. 10k hp just isn’t enough if you get instant killed there. Though with enough damage reduction, even a 10k hp guy can be immortal.

that power is very unhealth for builds, it costs a lot of slots and the final damage per slot is low.


What if he drawed? Although it’s not far fetched to say he put lots of investment in DMG rather than a good balance or so.

Huh it was at round 10 I don’t have that much power! XD

This is my MH, and apart from that I think I have like 4 offensive affixes:

Rockblast is useful to keep opponents at bay so it’s more of an utility affix.

Yeah I have a lot of reductions (and I’m using equivalence). I didn’t make exact calculations but I think I reduce around 80%-85% of incoming damage.

I upgraded a little my items, but this is what usually happens for the damage reduction:

(I won 3-0 in the end)


13k HP / 161 power and you still can win against 200k HP enemy? you got some skill, bro



Remember that with “Equivalence” your health is deceptively low, but yeah, against a warrior like this one I try stalling first rounds then I run around with teleport dropping some Twister to kill them while they chase me. It requires a lot of fast-tapping, indeed.

Yeah equivalence would have your HP in order to equalise both HP and MP but that huge damage Reduction and resource cost. Although you can still maintain somewhat decent HP with equivalence and maintain that HP to keep that damage Reduction.

Yep. The damage reduction and the health penalty quite balance out with each other and it’s like I had double the HP shown.