Why enslaver font spawn on my eternal maps. ?? I’m doing 5 eternal maps while I got only 1 kill to enslaver to get 150 kill :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: WHYYYYYYY!!!

I have had that happen so many times… which is why I list using Monster Spawn boost in my eternal pet thread. It is the only way to ensure an enslaver will spawn.

You can do Google opinion rewards also to earn credits towards In App Purchases, like Monster Spawn boost.

Can’t buy for now :disappointed_relieved:

Read my second link from top to the bottom. You can do surveys to obtain IAPs. :+1::+1:

They didn’t appear ived done all what it said

If you want to grind enslavers. Go floor 101 and they will start to appear if didnt it will take a 4 attempts of floor 101 before they start appearing.

How many streaks ?

As much as possible in a space of time. 10-20 seconds per floor and find Shrines/shrine pools and end goal where enslavers spawn. 1 hour can get you quite a bit of enslavers with or without monster boost that way.

Highest streak that enslaver spawn for me is 5. Average is 3 then about 4 attempts Enslaver wont spawn then spawn back.

If you want to grind Enslavers, dont think that they spawn always when grinding, Just visit their spawn locations and if they wont spawn press pause then select the floor you want to grind enslavers. My best streak when finding eternal pets is about 3 Eternal pets in 5 Days almost a week.


Wow! That’s awesome. My highest streak of enslaver kills in 1 day was around 6-10 actually but that’s if I’m really lucky. My average is around 3-6 though. Keep up the good work guys and you’ll be surprised at how many pets you’ll get.

Put narodji bonus for more chance and watch the advertisement given while playing online (monster spawn).100+ floor u dont need to spam at floor 2 if u know the exact location . always upper left or right .

How can you get eternal maps?

Eternalized (5) or more + Maximum capped luck whether it’s 1012% or 850% (it’s actually 812% or 650% but due to Fortunate Ascension ,it’s 200% over the actual cap).

Then spam cartographers in farming as much as possible and keep getting legend maps until a green eternal map happens. It’s quite rare but it does happen eventually. I have already gained over 5-6 over a year of playing.

Eternal maps are alright but nothing too good to be proud of , except that it’s a rare item like pets, just less rarer than eternal pets. Then again, 1000% extra luck is great for trying to get legend of eternal pet on those maps if you use monster boost but the chances are still low, even with 2000% luck, but if you have a huge amount of eternal maps, the chances of eternal/legend pets will massively increase provided you have high Eternalized of (5) or higher with monster boosts.

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Is eternal pet can be found only in eternal maps or everywhere?

Anywhere. It’s still very rare though to get Eternal pets as you’ll have to collect many legend pets and use Eternalized (5) along with maximum luck % . I only got 5 Eternal pets in a course of 1 and a half years after all but only 1 or 2 are actually useful.

Ohhh thanks its like i have many pets but all of them are legend only.this may take a month to get this eternal what a lot of hardwork to do.:joy::sleepy::scream:

Ikr. Oh well, I think a better goal is to make a great build with making use of what you got as chances are that at least some are quite good for building, even if they are legend pets.

But it’s still a good idea to hunt for eternal pets , usually without working too hard but you will still be as efficient as you can get to get one .

Tnx for the tips CuzegSpiked i just follow what you said about getting eternal pets now i got one :blush::grin:i just found it right now.so many tnx.:grinning::grin:

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