Epiphany Bonus

I have searched codex high and low, but seems only one piece of epiphany set has the “epiphany bonus” affix, so how does that work? Dont you need 2 pieces with the bonus affix?

You will need 70% attack speed as a requirement to activate the bonus.


Hmm. K. Ty

Yep but you don’t even need the epiphany set to do so. Many builds prove that. 70% attack speed on gear from crystal affix, epic affix, nature. Not sets though since they are conditional or skills .

You can even go over cap of the default 60% cap and still activate the bonus as long as 70% attack speed is on gearhow I did so, 45% attack speed crystal affix, 1-2× epic affix of 15% attack speed. Or 1 epic attack speed and 4 nature’s of attack speed or so.


As cuzeg says 1 epiphany is enough

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just follow the instruction not all bonus need 2 set to activate the bonus

Yep sometimes people overcomplicate things in this game. Even the simplest things seem complicated to some of people make things more complicated than it actually is.

I mean some things are genuinely tricky but a lot of things aren’t. Simply reading helps a lot . There is of course the issue with accuracy however as understandable as that sounds so the forum is great still.

Thanks guys. Admittedly, i have not read the bonus, i havent found thd item yet, so i was assuming all set bonus affixes were a two piece combo gimmick. Turns out this is not the case.

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just keep reading it will help you grow and suited to the game :grin: