Equality + Energy


Increases DMG and All Regen by (rank)% of your HP/MP equality %


Convert Resource system to Energy. Primary skills cost 10 Energy, Specials cost 30. Recovers 30% Energy every second. Total Energy is 100. DMG dealt increased by current Energy %

  1. After it replaces the mp is my current energy also used in the calculation of Equality ?
  2. I still can see my mp on the stats page so i still have or is it just a display bug @_@ ?

hi im also using energy affix . i used equality affix b4 with it.

  1. equality affix effect will base on ur stat page mp.

  2. its not a bug (energy wont inc even u inc ur mp)

correct me if im wrong

Mechanic behind energy is that it not replaces your MP (only in theory). In fact it just convert primary and special skill cost from whatever value to 10% and 30% of mp respectively. For example if you have 5000 mp primary skill will cost you 500 mp and special skill will cost you 1000mp. If you have 10000 mp primary skill = 1000mp and special skill = 3000mp.
MP leech/on hit will regenerate your Energy but i dont know for sure if mp regen work with energy.
About barbarian and push the limit with energy. You have 10000mp, primary = 1000mp, special = 3000mp. With 100% push the limit they will cost 2000/6000 mp which is 20% and 60% of your energy.
Now you have 50% barbarian. Your mp goes to 5000 from 10000. Skill cost will still be 1000/3000 or 2000/6000 with push the limit 100%. So barbarian will decrease your mp but skill costs will be based on your energy before it was cut by barbarian.


Well ok now i know how that works so if my mp / hp are both around 5k i ll get nearly the full DMG/Regen boost :smiley: ?
Or how is it calculated ?

I didnt test but you just need both energy and hp to be full to make the best use of equality set. Equality set is based on % values not raw values so 10000/10000hp = 5000/5000mp becouse they are both 100% full. But i never used equality. Momentum/adventurer is better (adventurer not for PvP).

Got momentum and had adventurer removed it becouse i wanted to test a new form of the green garden build so i used equality to boost regen too :smiley:

i still dont get it what u meant with based on “raw values” so Equality uses the equality of your Max Hp/Mp so 10000Hp and 5000 MP would mean i have an Equality of 50% right ?
Or how is it calculated (Did somebody already made a calculation about it :disappointed:)?

yes you are correct about ur calculation.

ithink what he meant about raw values is its not affected by how high ur hp and mp .its only affected by % of equality so basically 15000/15000 = 100% is also the same to 1200/1200 = 100%

but if u take dmg ex: ur hp is 2000 and mp is 2000 u got hit now ur hp will be 1000/2000 the equality will be reduce to 50%

as he said u need to keep both hp and mp to 100%

As I understood Equality it compares how full your hp is compared to how full your mp is, in %'s. So if your hp is full 100% (regardless of how much you actually have), and your mp is 100%, you are 100% equal and boosted. If your hp is 100% & your mp is 70%, they are not equal, mp is 70%/100% (hp)= 70% boost. If your hp is 70%, mp is 70%, then you are equal and the boost is 100% again. Let’s ask the big guys for confirmation. … @Clogon @Steigerbox ?

Yes, Equality is based on hp/mp % so 5000/5000 hp and 10000/10000mp is 100% equal. Never tested it though.

i tried it. i think it work like as @Msiiek said its 5000/5000 = 100% equality … hp and mp should be the same value thats why some people use equivalence combine with it.

so if 2500hp/5000mp = 50% equality value?
@Clogon can u confirm this if correct or wrong?

So they more Equal my HP/MP are at the time a skill hits its increasing my DMG by
if i have 10k HP and 5 k MP = 50%
but what is if i only have 4k MP out of 5K max MP (lets say i use a primary skill with energy(10%))
and my HP would only be 5k out of 10k max HP how would it be calculated now ?

5k hp/4k mp = 80% equality i think

In simpler way:
If both your bars on top left are equally full, then they are 100% equal. Doesn’t matter if you have 100kk hp max and 1mp max.

For example you have 10000 max hp and 5000 max mp. They are both 100% full so they are 100% equal. Now you got hit for 5000 hp. You now have 5000/10000 hp and 5000/5000 mp = you have 50% hp and 100% mp = 50% equality.
For equality you have hp and mp in % values, they are not compared by how close your hp and mp amount is.

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@Msiiek thanks dude now is clarified

Equality is based on raw values as seen in the equality formula in the dictionary. You are confusing it with equivalance which uses current values as it automatically equalizes max hp n mp pool.

Assuming you are talking about Max pools then yes.

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@Clogon thanks

so inorder to have 100% equality the raw values of hp and mp should be the same ex: 1000hp/1000mp

Never tested it but codex says:
Inceases DMG and All Regen by 7.5% per rank of your HP/MP equality %

The same is on item Equality description so, descritpion is wrong or it compares by % values.

Ok, nevermind I understand it. It’s not comparing current hp/mp but max hp/mp so the description is ok.

So this is correct:

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I never should have made that thread :joy:
Im still quiet confused so its all about the what Equalit now means is it about the max values like 10K MAX HP 10K MAX MP = 100%,or like the current amount of resources i have ?
And what happens if i only have 5000HP/10000-MAX-HP and same for MP ??? :disappointed_relieved:
@Clogon @Msiiek ?

Max values compared in % so, if you have

  1. 5000/5000 hp and 4000/4000mp you have 80% euqality.
  2. 5000/5000 hp and 5000/5000 mp is 100% equality
  3. 2000/5000 hp and 3000/5000 mp is 100% equality