I just wanna ask the Devs, or can i hear your opinion about things in DQ . I was about on Killing the Enslaver and im very close to the feast of spawning Purple Enslaver and im pretty sure after killing the purple enslaver it will drop a Eternal Pet. ( What says in the Feast ) . And i just wanna ask if i dont like the Drop just like the drop was sucks .
Someone says you can Do it again by , Before you kill the last enslaver Save your progress first . Then go kill the enslaver but as what i say if i dont like the drop (Uninstall the Game) Then Download it again and again and again until you got your dream pet with nice affix. Although i got a with semi nice affix . But afraid to use it because of being reported and be throw to the doomed league . I dnt know if some of the legit players here are doing this method. TBH ived used this to experiment builds before . So you guys give some opinion on this thread if you want to clear things esp. On wrecking the Enslaver Feast.

It would work but then an unusually high download history would end up with you getting banned from legit pvp leagues. So I would advise against it.

hi @darkeons21 , you don’t want to do that. uninstalling and installing requires you to wait 3 hours each time after the first time. this was done by the Dev’s in the 3.0 Patch. the reason given is that doing that is considered cheating, and was not the intention of the Dev’s for that to happen. if you read the thread for Patch 3.0, this is one of the subjects that came up for discussion. the Dev’s have said, all you need is a good Farm Build to get what ever you want in the game. there are some players willing to spend real money to speed things up, it is up to you.

basically, if you get an Eternal Pet that doesn’t have good affixes, just save it for awhile, maybe you will have an idea for a Build to use it later (I have 2 Eternal Pets I don’t really like, myself. third one is almost here).

don’t know if you have read this thread, but further down, there is tips for making a good Enslaver Hunting Build for Patch 3.0. one idea is that if you want Eternal Pets without having to wait for the Enslaver Feat, use 2-4 Eternal Set items to increase your chances to have an Enslaver drop an Eternal Pet instead of a Legend Pet.

the Banned League is for players who use cheat codes to modify their characters in ways that are not possible in the game, and who then use them in Battle Arena. so you wont get banned for uninstall/install (as far as I know), but you end up having to wait to play 3 hours every time you do that. sometimes there’s a glitch, and it might say you have to wait 20,000 hours or something, so then you have to ask a Dev to fix it, and that can be kind of embarrassing.