Eternal item bug?

I found this item when i slayed the mythic boss lol


Eternal Items can have Crystal Affixes, but they have to have an affix that is on the Crystal Affix list to have a chance for the affix to be Crystal. you can get an Eternal Item with a Crystal Affix either as a Loot drop or buying one from the LegendEx. a Farming Build with lots of Luck & Crystalline Set can improve your chances.

here is a post on which Crystals & Myth Stones can be used to Craft Eternal Items.


ohhh now i know thx bro


.so what happen if we create mythical equipment from eternal equipment??
.example create mythical from eternal mythitech with 4 slots mythstone, i mean what is benefit?
.we know eternal have 50% quality or its just have high quality??
.thakyou sir… :+1:t2:

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if you read the post :arrow_up: and look at the second part of it, you can’t make a Mythic Eternal Mythitech Item.

you can only make Eternal Mythic Items if they already have 4 Sockets on them, and I believe that only the 2 Eternalized Set Items (MH & Head Items) can be Crafted like that.

  1. you now have an Eternal Mythic Item.

  2. can’t create an Eternal Mythitech Item. benefit is that you now have an Eternal Mythic Item. all Legend & Epic Affix values are doubled, also…

  3. Eternal Items have Item Quality of +50%, all other Items can only get up to +25% Item Quality. for MH & OH, this affects damage, for the other 4 items, it affects Armor.

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.but mythitech have 4 slots right??

Mythitech Items do have 4 Sockets, but Mr_Scooty verified that only the Eternalized Eternal MH & Head Items can be turned into Eternal Mythic Items and that the Eternal Mythitech Items cannot be made into Mythic Items.

now, if you want to turn a Legend Mythitech Item into a Mythic Mythitech Legend Item, that is possible.

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