Eternal item drop questions

Question in regards to eternal or basically any item above legend. I have in my 80-lvls only acquired one item above legend that was from the arena. Is there a reason for this? I see users with a ton load and would assume I would have more than one by now

farming to get that. i assume u not farming or farm blindly without proper farming build.

Your implying I need to wear items pertaining to luck?

Luck and Item Drop cap at 650%. I’m around 500%, and I don’t play much, have gotten a Crystal and Eternal and tons of other legends in about two or three hours of play. Just get maps (buy or farm) at floor 101, play until whenever you want, I use until 200, then restart the cycle. Meanwhile, increase your Luck, Item Drop, and Gold Find. Other than that, pray to RNG :smile:

Also, when you have means to, get a ring with four slots (I just used a rare ring) and put Hunter on it. With the Hunter Ring, shrines will spawn 1-3 epic monsters. If you kill 50 epic monsters, a legend one spawns, and, when you kill 10 legends enemies,a mythic one spawns with a 100% eternal drop rate.
All you have to do is equip it, click shrine, and put your other ring on. :wink: The set affixes Nadroji, Eternalized, Crystalline, and Adventurer, Also help alot with farming. You can find those in your dictionary in game. :blush: