Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks

no, it is a Wizard Farm Build. I happened to read it again, and noticed Brutal, then read down further and realized no one had noticed no Deadly Strike anywhere (including me). even with only +30% Weaken, the rest of the Build looks like it can do ok, and might not even notice Brutal isn’t working unless trying to farm some higher floors for specific items or better CS/MS. Ruptured with Empyrean (which he has) would do wonders for this Build.


I finally Crafted a Double Nadroji Bonus Climbing Farm Build. I lost my M3 floor 505 Map (forgot to buy one before logging out) and so am climbing there again. thought it might be fun to do it with 2 Nadroji Bonus.

the reason I am posting is that I have always wondered how big of a difference having a second Nadroji Bonus makes when it comes to Enslaver Spawns. I want to do a test eventually to have some numbers to show, but for now, I have noticed a decent enough boost to Enslaver Spawns that it is kind of spooky.

I always notice that I get a Pet because I don’t get them very often, but now it’s almost like every 3-5 maps. at least that’s the way it seems. and at the moment, I am speeding to the Cartographer to get to floor 505 again, and I am still seeing more Enslavers than usual, which is the main reason I want to do an Enslaver Spawn test.

for those of you looking for Eternal Pets, you would need 7 spaces for 2 Nadroji Sets & 2 Nadroji Bonus, and 3 Eternalized Sets. just follow the guidelines set by @Mr_Scooty to make your own Eternal Pet Hunting Build. if you want better chances for just getting Legend Pets, then 6 spaces, 4 Nadroji Sets & 2 Nadroji Bonus. plus whatever you need for +1012% Luck.

I don’t really need Eternal Pets, but what I do like using Double Nadroji Bonus for is speeding up the process of maxing out the stats on my Pets. eventually I will make an Eternal Pet Hunter to fill in my Eternal Pet collection in the codex.

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And following on from my friend @Golem you can do the same floors very easy but keep an eye on luck. Try to get as close as you can to 1012 percentage. But don’t expect miracles. It’s an hard grind but you can improve the odds.

my Luck is +850%, because I feel like I am not ready to Craft a decent +1012% Luck/Gold Find Farm Build with Epiphany. I have come to the conclusion that any Farm build I make with these needs to be both Simple & Fun. I am always trying to make these extravagant Farm Builds. I think I need to save the Extravagance for my Climbing & Arena Builds. :nerd_face: :face_with_monocle: :thinking:

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And also remember the enslaver is an epic enemy and so if you reroll your map stats using chrystals to get epic enemies then more enslavers. Legend and eternal maps should never be rushed. You may find one. And potentially a great pet.

I remember a post about getting 2 Enslavers on a Map? but I think it was done using Monster Boosts from the Shop.

Monster boost rocks but guarantees nothing other than completing enslaver quests rapidly and dropping useless pets. I’ve tested it.

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You get 2 enslaver on a map when completing the spawn legend or mythic enslaver quests. You kill one epic enslaver to complete the quest and the legend or mythic spawns. The trick is to save a legend or eternal map to complete the feat and so a legend pet drop may be eternal. I once dropped 2 eternal pets on 2 consequetive maps. But that was sheer luck.

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