Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


found two Legend Pets. Shibe and Stitch. back to farming. @dickwad :smiley:

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that +200% Blistering more than makes up for not having 5k ED+. and that is on top of the +125% Immolation DMG from Crushing Flames Set.

nice farm Build @kiane_zaine.


Since affixes can be rolled now via crystals on pets, what do you guys do with duplicated pets? I have a bunch of pets with the same set affixes and its clogging up my inventory.

I hoarded them back then.


@macon if you like to collect Pets, then one of each!!!

some Legend Pets are good with many different types of Builds, and if you have affixes on them that can be used with any Build, you don’t have to keep changing the affixes. like Crit DMG can be used on any build and saves space on the other items. other Legend Pets are only good for a limited number of Builds, like Lilith is only good for high HP, Bleed, or high Hp & Bleed Builds.

I would suggest keeping 1 or 2 each of Pets with Set affixes that you think you would like to use on future Build ideas, only 1 with Set affixes that look interesting and have possibilities, and just convert any others to Crystals or Dust.

the 9 Crystals that can be used on Pets as of Patch 3.0 really made Pets more valuable as an Item that can be Crafted as part of a Build, instead of having to put up with 1 or 2 affixes that you don’t need just to use the other affixes that you do want.

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Firstly never get rid off legend or eternal pets . Pets below you can sell or simply use that blue Chrystal that changes all affixes into random affixes until you see something you like. You can do that on legend pets too

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I think he means he has maybe 3-5 of the same Pet, like 5 Pathfinder Pets. if he wants 1 on each of his Characters without having to share 1 Pathfinder Pet among all 6 Characters, then all good. if he is only using 1 or 2, then the rest are all taking up space for other things he might want, like other Pets, or sets of Gears for PVP, Farming, Climbing, or Ascending.

I have 2 Pathfinder & 2 Momentum Hounds, 1 each of a few Imps, Fairy’s & other Hounds, and about 8-10 Element Slimes of various Elements, and 1 each of Demonic & Angelic Slimes. I also have a few Pets of all types that are not Legend for when I do tests.


Golem was right. I have pets like 3-4 Pathfinders and Plagues. Sure enough I won’t let go of pets I don’t have duplicates of.


I just done a count of my legend pets and it’s 92. Funny you should mention legend pathfinder I was playing my snowman in PvP and checked my pets. Saw an unused pathfinder pet and realised the potential as the snowman is a high critical and Dodger. So I’ve rerolled the stats and now it’s his chosen pet.


My stat page below unless I’m close on enslaver legend pet drop, then I use 650% Eternal find (3 Eternalized Sets) for the last ten or twenty pet drops (second image).


@Mr_Scooty can i get Crystal Bonus Luck on Eternal Immortal Wand?


No you cannot. You would need to have epic luck on the MH Eternalized gears (Immortal Wand, Immortal Lance etc) and none of those gears have an epic luck affix.


@Mr_Scooty but on Amulet (Eternalized Set) i’ve got one with Luck?


Yes, Cyan luck can drop on the eternal legend ring (abiding ring) and amulet (perpetual clasp) but not the MH gears. The epic affix luck is on the ring and amulet but not on the MH Immortal Wand. Hope that clears it up.

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@Mr_Scooty yes. tried to craft 5pcs of immortal wand. (legend) to see if there’s a luck epic affix. unfortunately. none.


@kiane_zaine the affixes on any Legend or Eternal item can be found in the Codex. what you see in the Codex is what you will find if you buy from the shop, use Dust, or find them as loot. there are a few that have chance for a random Epic affix (it shows as Random Affix on the Item. the Warrior OH Shield, Athena’s Guard, has 2 Random Affix on it).

for those who want to know how hard it is to Craft an Eternal Item, here is a post that can help.


yup @Golem, you need to craft at least 10 or more pcs (for example Eternal Divination) and 50/50 percent chance juust to get Cyan Bonus.

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My first hunting eternal pet. Ilove it.


haha, I like your optimistic math! :smile:

@kiane_zaine I just noticed on the Farm Build you shared earlier that you have Brutal and no Deadly Strike. with Scalp & Blistering, you would be better off using Ruptured Mythic instead. sorry I missed that. if you already fixed it, no worries!

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@HawkEye nice pet for someone who uses dodge :rofl:


@Golem he likely has Deadeye 20 talent, which gives deadly strike if he is using Rogue character.

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