Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


Mr Scotty can I ask u what floor did you get your eternal spike?


Likely floor 100 M3.

See link below for better info regarding improving odds to obtain eternal pet. Select my name below and it will give you a list.


Is it ok if just 2 Eternalized? I already have Epiphany Set on ring, Nadroji on Amulet and 2 Eternalized Both weapon and helmet (Warrior Class). Or suggest what will i replace in one of my items (Dont worry about the abiding ring im already on floor 1036 i can easily farm there).


Can you show me your full equipment when hunting Enslaver 149/150 ?


you can loot four gears with eternalized set. MH,HELM,RING and AMULET


I can but I’m confused how much do I need an eternalized, nadroji and epiphany? Can someone scrnshot their gears for hunting eternal pets? I’m so closed to enslave now and I need a better odds to get an eternal pet .


2 eternalized sets is fine. That will give you 600% Eternal find rate chance. Based on the list I provided, try to use 2 eternalized sets, 1 nadroji, 1 epiphany and anything else for the other 3 sets.

I have completed the enslaver feat with 3 eternalized gears (650% Eternal find chance), luck 1012%, 1 Nadroji gear for ultra rate find 62.5% and have used numerous eternal maps for 149/150 enslaver feat. However, I never had an eternal pet drop on the enslaver feat. Like my notes above state, I have 1 eternal pet drop every 5,714 pets. In each of the times they dropped, I did not expect it.


Thanks to mr_scooty i following this thread and this isy first eternal pet…


Awesome find!!!



Eternal pets :sob: :sob: :sob:


This is my floor hiking/farming set .

Momentum/eternalized/plague/4narodji 100% ultra rare find. Best afix = crushing blow


:open_mouth: rich guy.


How many Eternalized did u equip ?


Just found this 3 eternal pet since my birthday




Wow! Lucky you.


Suggest some builds that my cerberus can fit in.


Idk. ATM timewarp and cosmic power won’t combine but for MP and MP Regen boost, it’s good.

I think that pet would be good on a projectile build when the timewarp is fixed. Could be used on high Regen build too.

What do you think could work with cosmic power ATM when timewarp doesn’t affect projectiles.

It’s extremely great with flintlock if it work again as well as chakram/whirling blades, throwsword, wizard pierce skill build , Manic Macros Build (Griffin’s wand build)
Great with discordance and certain projectiles when it works again.