Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


nice loot. but no flat ed and hp :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I’ll try to grind more enslavers :wink: . wait me


About the Cosmic power, Does the projectile Damage 62.5% works when not using Timewarp special skill ? Or you need to use Timewarp first ?


Is anyone here know best build for farming legend pet, i don’t need eternal now, i jus want legend pet…


Follow Mr Scooty’s advice and it will help you a lot. Me after reading it, i found 3 Eternal pets in 1 week or just about 6 days after grinding a lot on floor 101-105 but if you have a monster spawn boost like 5mins or 1hour go to floor 2 with any difficulty.
Without Scooty’s advice im desperate to find eternals and btw Eternal pets are more cooler than legend pets because it has 50% Quality that can make your Pet affix higher (For example. you have Flat +5000 Element DMG, On Eternal it will be +10000).


You need to use Timewarp first for the projectile skill to gain that 62.5 MH% DMG. It’s huge , especially for orb if Timewarp actually started working again.

The Timewarp increase skill by 50% MH and cosmic power increase it by a further 62.5% at (5) or 37.5% at (3).

At (5) cosmic power: 1.5×1.625= ×2.4375 (increase your projectile MH% by 143.75%).

At (3) cosmic power for PvP: 1.5× 1.375= × 2.0625 (increase PvP projectile by 106.25%).

You can see why it’s extremely powerful for projectiles, especially orb if it worked. Because my orb would deal double its potential damage already .

My PvP orb currently dealt 1,615.03485% MH per 0.1 secs. With Timewarp+ cosmic power= 1,615.03485×2.0625= 3,331.009378125% MH DMG. You can imagine the insane DMG i would have got in the past had i built it back then. Sure one of the affixes would be sacrifice like no demonic existing or using it instead of Momentum or so.

I would have dealt code to 300k deadly strikes and 100k to 150k Crits more often than currently plus how orb procs constantly Proc combined at living force and Timewarp+cosmic power. Opponent would have easily be finished off.

Cronos4321 LOHKO Build was one shot arrow using discordance and it reached insane MH% like 3000% plus the Fire and bleed with discordance.

Midlumer orbit build would be 2× more powerful too .

Well it’s not just orbs but orbs just get the most significant Timewarp boost due to such a hit frequency.

In my Seasonal Maidens’ build, I’d have got cosmic power pet instead of pathfinder if the cosmic power+ Timewarp actually worked .

Stealth would be less used due to how much I’d use Timewarp unless i use Timewarp procs with cosmic power. Vanish mythic would have been used quite a bit.

The orbs MH in PvE on high floor× 2.4375 from Timewarp= 4,472.4023438614% H per 0.1 secs .

4,472.4023438614×2.4375= 10,901.480713162% MH.

over 10k H% per 0.1 sec or 100k% MH per secs.

The amount of DMG I’d deal on high floor would be like 30B deadly strike by orb and 19B crit DMG when Arcanist+Frostbiting and all the other pieces calculated in seasonal Maidens’ build. The Frozen would easily deal way more than trillions or so. Easily maybe Quadrillions in frozen or even more. But the hit frequency of the orb would be easily 100B or so per second even better than 30B per second even though the 30B is still very powerful.

But even for skills like guidedshot, multi shot, throwsword, boomerang/whirling blades, toss/scalp , comets, pierce skill and barrage skill, Timewarp is extremely useful for any of those skills along with cosmic power.

Also cosmic power would double as an MP boost so I’d run out less MP of any of those discordance orb builds. I even had really almost perfect cosmic power legend pets but since it didn’t work, it sucked.


Thank you for following my advice. The method definitely works. I had numerous failures to be able to provide this advice. The last time I tried an Enslaver run I picked up 2 eternal pets in one day. You’re doing great!!


I encounter that too but 2 Legend pets and 1 Eternal pet in one day.


How many eternal gears your equipped?


3x (MH, Helmet & Ring). We can do 4 gears but I would lose epiphany…


What if 2x eternals + ephi. ?


I’m struggling in finding Eternal pets :weary::dizzy_face:


That will work fine also!!! Remember Speed to enslaver and speed of kill!!! They seem to be correlated along with all the other stuff I listed above.

Here is a cast of luck your way!!!



Can I see your gears ? Farming enslavers without boost


Having my gears will not help you.

For pet hunting, My main character is my pure luck, gold find etc (no damage). My hireling is my critter killer.

My main has the following sets; Eternalized x3, Nadroji x1, Satyr x1, Epiphany x1 and Vamp Touch for pet affix (that covers all 7 sets).

Integrating pet hunting into your play style will help and not make you grow tired from doing pet feat ad nauseum every 10 seconds with boost.

It took me a full year to get an eternal pet to drop. :confused: My advice above will greatly help you get one faster than it took myself.


Spam floor 200 maps fast as possible for normal farming session when not even trying with Eternalized (5) or any floor , even 500 where you farm the most stuff and kill the fastest and you take in many enslavers a day. It’s not as efficient as just speeding through a familiar floor like floor 101 or floor 2 or whatever floor every 10-20 seconds though but it works.


Mr scooty one more question, In instant kill enslaver, what skill on hireling to kill enslaver. Cos mine is Orb high damage but not instantly kill. Orb damages the enslaver like draining HP. Did you use meteor too instantly kill or what ?


Use Frozen set with your orb and reactor!!! Lots of awesome explosions!! :yum:


We’re the same. I currently used that.


My problem when killing enslaver is when he is alone in the near shrine or in upper corner map.