Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


Apart from me missing out on a mythic enslaver because of the lava map glitch in the Past, I’m utterly heartbroken with thus random eternal find on floor 200 :disappointed_relieved: :cry: worst luck in the pet department furreal! Time for a rogue hireling. :joy::joy:


Not bad but not good either. Definitely better pets that’s for sure.


It was as good as the Jasper it provided. That’s how miffed I was with it. :joy:


Ok. It’s nice for rogue though if you ever made a build around it . I can definitely see someone wanting a build around this easily. Chakram+ Timewarp+ cosmic power and the hero point on it. Also the deadly strike.

Not bad pet but yeah.


Cosmic power tho’… :disappointed_relieved:
As you said…

““But yeah”” :joy:


Lol. Me changes mind after I realise the potential of the pet.


I know. That’s a freakin’ deadly pet for a Rouge Lol


Glad to help out @Mr_Scooty :slight_smile:


Very useful. I once also obtain a pet with very cool affix yet slime but some other players didnt believe it that i got it legitimately. And BTW i think Mythic Enslavers give some cool Eternal pets on you guys goodluck on obtaining 1 .


Use your pet @fudgenever10 if it is good. I haven’t seen anyone in the forum question you about your pets.


I’ve only got one ete pet so far xD


Ok :+1:


Just tested and no credit on floor 400


Yep, I found that out the hard way, yesterday…
Should have read through this thread a bit closer… :sob:


401 works for sure as I’ve tested it. I always farm 1 floor above stated level for drops and feats just in case. The difficulty increase is negligible and I don’t run any risk of getting screwed.


Now that’s a good idea… thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t be like achmed he got screwned xD


Hard to get exactly floor 400 anyways lol. Not too hard but not worth it. A few floors above it is fine though.


Your Rogues pet looks fine to me @fudgenever10


When you first post this @Mr_Scooty i feel your pain bro up until now because i already have 25 legend pets non of those are eternals :cry:, but with kill enslaver mythic feat is now a 100% chance for me to have a eternal pet. But it will take long before i will have my first eternal pet since i dont have monster boosts.