Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks


@Galahad Have you tried using my double Nadroji bonus I suggested? Did you try to also use vthe Google Opinion Rewards app I suggested with the supplemental information @TYRON provided so you can use it where you are located?? The Google opinions Reward app will give you credits towards IAPs.


I havent tried the nadroji bonus, i will try to use it. For the Google Opinion Rewards ive heard of it a long time ago but sadly its not available in my country philippines.:cry::cry::cry:


Double Nadroji bonus seems to spawn more enslavers than using not using the bonus. I cannot definitively say it will work but there is a difference when I use it. If you follow the Buy link in my updated post, go all the way down to @TYRON response to my post on how to make Google Opinion Rewards work in your country!!


I see, let me try that nadroji bonuses. Thank you for tip bro.:ok_hand: .


Try them and let everyone know what you think!! I’m trying to help all players @Galahad :sunglasses:


About that Google opinion rewards, fake gps may help there


@Mr_Scooty was right the bonus is good in hunting eternal pets since orange re and purple are the rariest monster in DQ right know i made a monster boost yesterday for about an hour… purchased it thru apple… and yes lucky me my 150 enslaver feat and slay purple enslaver was finished at same time iwas able to get Eternal shibe and Eternal bane … plus a bonus of eternal void … rng was on my side after 3 years of farming rng heard my prayers



You requested how to find eternal pet.


Did u pray to joe boo( major league reference)


Haha that’s hilarious. I haven’t seen that movie in years. I really wish I knew how many hours I spent documenting eternal pet hunting.


Got 6 eternal pets but converted 3. So 3 left. Lots of legend ones. I just spam low mythic 3 floors when monster boosted (solo) and then convert any legend or eternal maps found to the highest floor of 1300 and bring my hireling in to help kill the enslaver


Now bringing your hireling in does drop your luck a bit. However you need a bit of killing ability otherwise you could spend half an hour trying to kill some all resits boss to drop an item that you drop on a very easy floor that you can do in a minute


Does Nadroji Bonus work on hireling?


No only on main.


I have dropped 6 eternal pets. Converted 2. This is my most exciting one



Any ideas for a build ?


:thinking: that looks like it would go great with a Warrior or Wizard Build! Deadly Strikes all over the place while you make them Bleed to death! :crossed_swords:




@Golem I think razored and dead eye are rogue only talents. It would have to be a rogue pet.