Eternal Pet

What good build for this?

Btw I’m wizard

this Pet would only be good for a Warrior.

if you used it with Wizard or Rogue, +10 Crush would be useless, since Shield is a Warriors OH Weapon. I don’t remember if there is a Fear Proc, but Haunting Set gives a chance for Skills with 5 second cool down or slower to cast Fear, otherwise, the +8 Fear is also useless.

and if any Build you have doesn’t cause Bleed, the +54.8% Bleed DMG is useless also.

lastly, the only Crystal that can be used on Eternal Pets is Calcite.

What is good pet for Wizard?

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there is no One Good Pet for anything. it all depends on your Build.

Legend Pets have Set Affixes on them, but you can’t put a Set Affix on a Pet with Amethyst. some players just use Epic Pets, or take the Set Affix off of the Legend Pet and put in another Epic Affix.

Hounds are good for Farm Builds. not only do they pick up nearby piles of Gold, they have the ability to find buried Gold, if there is any buried Gold on the Map.

Imps are good for picking up lower Tiered Items and converting them to higher Tiered Items. you can even set your Options so that your Imp picks up all Items and converts them into Legend Items only.

Fairy’s have a Heal that works like a Potion when your Health gets to 50% or lower with a 5 second cool down.

Slimes have a +10% ED for one Element & +100 Resist to the same Element.

other than that, it is up to you to put affixes on a Pet that is good for your Wizard, or find a Pet with affixes on it that are good for your Wizard.

here are the Crystals that can be used on Pets: Calcite, Angelite, Quartz, Diamond, Larimar, Kyanite, Sapphire, Fluorite, & Topaz. it costs 5 Crystals when using them on Pets. if it takes 5 attempts to change a Pets Element from Ice to Fire, it will cost you 25 Calcite. Only Calcite Can Be Used On Eternal Pets!

these are the Crystals that can be used on Pets.

Calcite: changes an Items Element to another random Element.
Angelite: adds a random Normal or Epic Affix to an Item.
Quartz: removes a random number of Affixes from an Item. doesn’t work on Seven Deadly Sin Items.
Diamond: rerolls the values of all Normal, Epic, Legend, & Crystal Affixes on an Item to new random values. can be used on Maps.
Larimar: rerolls all Normal & Epic Affixes on an Item to another random Normal & Epic Affix. can be used on Maps.
Kyanite: used to take off one Empty Socket, Normal, Epic, Legend, Set Affix from an Item.
Sapphire: reroll one Normal or Epic Affix of your choice to another Normal or Epic Affix.
Fluorite: reroll the value of one Normal or Epic Affix to a new random value.
Topaz: add one Epic Affix to an item from a choice of six random Epic Affixes.

here is a post explaining how to use Quartz & Kyanite.

here is a post explaining the few Crystals that can be used on any Eternal Items.

hope this helps.

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Wow thanks alot :blush: I’ll be reading this

here is an updated post for Farming Legend & Eternal Pets for version 3.0.

take a look in the Codex > LegendEx > Pets. this will show you which Legend/Eternal Pets have which Set Affixes, so that you know what is available for future Builds.