Eternal pet

What floor should I spam to get an eternal pet and I also have the monster spawn boost…

Floor 401+ on any difficulties

Thanks dude and i also prefer M3 difficulty… So 401 and above is where the eternal pet starts dropping i thought 501 and above.

Eternal pet drops on any floor above 21 randomly with very low chances. All by luck, so better farm them with 1012% luck.
Floor 401+ will complete the feats. So by very 38*8 enslavers, you will definitely get one eternal pet.

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The enslavers are often located on the right top or right bottom corner of the map near the red shrines.
Just buy the map from the store, start the game and run into the enslavers, kill it then restart the map if you have the monsters spam boots.
Don’t do any extra actions. You will be able to kill 1 enslaver within 20s on average.
So 38*8/3, around 110 minutes, you can get an eternal pets

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this thread has a good discussion on the subject, and @Mr_Scooty added an update for 3.0 later in the thread.

in the Feats section of the Codex, on floor 400+, you can kill Enslavers until you get the Mythic Enslaver which drops a random Eternal Pet.

if you Craft an Eternal Pet Farming Build and farm on floor 400+, you increase your chances a little bit of the Enslavers dropping an Eternal Pet.

from what I understand, Enslavers usually drop a Normal, Magic, Rare, or Epic Pet. with high Luck, you get better chances of Rare & Epic Pets, with a small chance for Legend Pets. when you complete the Enslaver Feat, it drops a Legend Pet Reward. any Legend Pet drop has a 1% chance to drop as an Eternal Pet.

if you’re using the monster spawn boost, then spam farm the lowest floor (21?) with an Eternal Pet Farm Build. the Pet will be low level, but you can increase it’s level by killing monsters for experience.

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