Eternal to mythic

Hi…i got chest eternal item with 4 socket…can i make into mythic items

Yes you can add mythstone but the crystal there is limited stone that you can apply on eternal item

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I know you used to be able to add them to the fabled blade/ fabled helm
But if you try to add a mythic to an Eternal Mythitech Amulet… well its bugged or something like that…

Ends up looking something like this

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It isn’t a bug. @Mr_Scooty verified that Eternal Mythitech Items can’t have Mythic Affixes.
Mythic Affixes are apparently reserved for Eternal Fabled Items only.

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Yeah… i trying combine mythstone to make mythic affix then i got like this too…since eternal item can’t be modified…so i just salvage it.

here is a Post on the few ways to modify an Eternal Item.