Eternals what would you do? show off your latest drop

save them for next patch or convert them

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I don’t have a lot eternal since I convert most of them lol, but I keep those eternal map for 2.1 patch.


you hear any rumour about patch 2.1 for eternals?

Hi I’m a girl player just asking how did you get that please can I know?

Just play and play. Aaaand don’t expect for eternal maps. It will come to you at the right time :laughing:

Why most player save eternal maps for 2.1? 2.1 is the next version right?

Maybe there will be better eternal drops on 2.1.
I used all my eternal maps :cry:

just farm using eternalized set on challenge map. when kill 100 carto or collect 25 map feat complete ir drop legend map, and from there u get the chance for legend map drop in eternal version. the chance not so big. around 3% over 100% so alot farming needed.

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just bought another hero slot to make a rogue farmer and was leveling her up , the RNG gods already smiling down on her …lol


lol lvl 5. RNG god is trolling you man

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like he said he just start lvling that toon and so basically it pretty normal when he got low eternal lvl as he probably start at lower floor. but lvl IMO aren’t important as whatever lvl it is, its worth of 1 ultra rare crystal :slight_smile:

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so it begins, you would think it would be boring grinding on low levels, but when you get your first rare legend its still so gratifying.

fable blade not a rare legends.

you’re taking it to literal, was taking about the feeling you get when you get some gear to start to use to get better gear. won’t matter much once she hit lvl 50+ and I can switch out her gear and start making her farming set. but people need to enjoy the grind. no worry’s… cheers

grind , grind, grind …lol

only 365% luck …eternals dropping like crazy…

Deyum, You got a legendary pet already with your new character?
I’m lvl 91 and still doesn’t have it. T.T

something is wrong today i got 5 eternals and 3 crystal legend. very wrong

Dont complain though :stuck_out_tongue:

And i have two level 99’s and a level 88 but i only have one legendary pet but fingers crossed for another one :stuck_out_tongue:

leveling my rogue farmer, finally got a munity rare lvl 144 m1 , any body know the best MH for rogue and the best affixes for it, looking for something with massive damage to help out my DPS hirling.

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