Eternals what would you do? show off your latest drop

the down side of farming on floor 197 , no nerf affixes. but you don’t slway get lvl 100 eternals.

the crops are ripe , another good day farming…lol

Sixth crystal eternal in my 1 year of play… still useless though.

Just got my first eternal on floor 200, but not really a real drop, got it from the epic+legend+mythical kill feat.

At first I thought that the achievement bugged out and gave me a legendary because I didn’t get the eternal but then did another thorough run through the kill area, and picked it up. I think it ended up in the lava somewhere.

sorry was posted in wrong thread, found on floor 193 m3.

That’s actually a really good eternal if you were interested in a toss build. :wink:

yeah had it on my farming warrior for awhile and just using sprint to kill every thing, but got tried of switching hunter ring in and out.

I’d be interested in any kind of a decent build at this time :slight_smile:

As of right now got my rogue to floor 200, got some finder gear on her, and running floor 181 on very easy. Then got a warrior hireling, got him to level 50, put a few finder items on him, and started from floor 1 with a wizard hireling, now almost at floor 100, to have all 3 classes at floor 200 and be main-able.

So if that axe is something that can be worked with I’m completely open to tips/suggestions :slight_smile: (as informative as you’d be generous enough to make them :smiley: .)

Good and popular toss build. Always room for improvement on builds, too.

Thanks man. Looked it over, and could start trying to build something similar. And then make my rogue or wizard into a magic finder.

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This eternal legend is from my first ever eternal chest and this is the result of praying to RNGeesus! The eternal eternalized staff gave me a spark of inspiration to make a proper farming build and the 10+ fortune caught my attention really for a farming build. I currently use it on a mini farming build that goes along with my nadroji ring, sanctuary amulet and sureshot robe. Since then I got 600k in the floor 181 and an average of 400k gold in general. Really good for farming eternal chests and rare to ultra rare crystals. Unfortunately I cant use amber on it which is so sad :frowning: . I also cannot use diamond to reroll which is annoying. My mini farming build already gives me huge amounts of gold and items and possibly legends which has chances for eternal legends. I hope RNG smile and givr me eternal trophy. This drop is currently my latest eternal drop ever and I am having good luck with it.

My mini farming gear goes along with the gear I currently wear for pvp anyway and it works really well :wink: . I knoe its not proper but I get the feel of what 40 fortune is like when I have extra fortunes and higher chances of everything. The cap is crystalline cap and skull is cranucopia which is my half farming set with my current build. I switch it to bombard staff, vanish orb and energy hat if I need to go pvp afterwards. I also use my old friend stitch with gold find epic at max or my 2nd cosmic power pet cereberus with 75% luck.

I have got 4 cosmic power pets but I converted two of them because I didn’t want those two. I normally switch back to my 5k ED+ cosmic power pet for pvp.

another eternal from vendor what a cheap buy, too bad next patch makes these a dime a doesn’t …

you guys seen Eternals with crystal affixes, but have you seen Crystal item without crystal affixes?.lol

Bug lol

Crystal socket!?

hopefully i can make something out of it. useless atm.

that 200% fire damage is wow wow lol. i do think that if u want to use for MH build it will not good since it leak alot damage booster but if u make OH build toss. u can use that +200%ED to boost your OH damage.

My first eternal pet! I was excited when I read ‘Eternal’ on the screen right after I killed an Enslaver. :grin:

if this can be converted to another class it would be awesome

look what i found