Eternals what would you do? show off your latest drop

I’ve found one so far

also, I got a legendary pet at like level 60 :smiley:

Also, which is better, green or blue? Because I also have this…

Eternal items with Crystal affixes (the blue affix) are insanely rare, dude, haha. That’s a keeper, whether it’s good or not. That’s a good toss build hat.
The effectiveness of Crystal items and Eternal can’t really be compared as they have different qualities and each build is unique. It’s opinion.

the only downside is if the crystal affix value is low. For example I got a zealotry armor (forgot the name). It has 50% HP crystal affix. On the other hand a regular eternal of the same item has 50% HP.

these two good for farming tho

My externals never show up as green. Or say eternal blade… it is red an says legend blade till I go ID it. Am I the inky I be with this issue

I havent encounterd that. Mine drops as legend with red glowing light then goes green when i open my inventory (i think that’s how it should be).

Should I try to use a crystal to random the affix value?

you cant reroll the value using crystal = (
keep it, crsytal eternal is exteremly rare = )

How about this :grimacing:

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omg a head gear with elem damage %. <3

nice. more +%ED legend affi crazier damage greengarden. lol

Crazier damage anything, for that matter :grimacing:

ik. i just refer to my lol.

It’s not my latest drop but its a cool drop.

I remived malestrom on my warrior for something else. I don’t want equality but I know what else to add on it. I Could try Aftermath on my warrior farming build which already has high regen for plagued and druidic to work together. Storm, meteor and torrent very potent indeed along with nearly 200% blight. The farming build does have max farming affixes except item drops becz its a hirling and item drops don’t count on hirling. I already maxed item drops to 200% on my wizard which adds with the hidden item drops 100% from hirling anyways.

My wizard hireling has lot of mirror images

lot of dense pierce damage


All mine just get converted into crystals :ok_hand:

Same. I do that everyday to get goods.

sad crit dmg didnt reach at least 200+ :frowning:

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